2023 Women’s World Cup

There is definitely interest over here after winning the Euros and a lot of air time for the WSL.

Nigeria were pretty impressive by all accounts. England scraped through the first game; Denmark will be a proper test.

20C is 68F so that should give you an idea. I would be happy with that here in Ireland!

Yes I know some would love that in summer. Funny a lot of English folk that have moved to Aus complain about the cold (in winter) which I’ve always found amusing. Think it’s the variation in temperatures that cause the problem it can be -2c overnight but get to 22c during the day where I am.

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i’ve been to most of the Auckland based games so far and its been really entertaining, looking forward to the semi’s on the 15th - I have no illusions about NZ being involved!


What a match today - France/Brazil, easily game of the tournament so far.

The skill on show, the calmness under pressure from both sides was terrific to see. France really needed that.

I am finding myself in front of the TV for quite a number of games (quite useful being shown a.m. in the UK) and am enjoying most of the games I have seen - the China vs Haiti game had enough drama and debatable decisions to keep most folk talking. The standard has been good from what games I have seen and even though there have been a few high scoring games, no team has been totally out of their depth. The final group games have set up some very interesting encounters.

Nice! :grin: Sweden - Italy 5-0


Interesting that very few players are following Megan Rapinoe’s hair style - a short cut with direction. Preferring instead the ponytail.
Reminds me of the mullets always seen in the men’s 70s-80s flapping about.

We’ll that’s us out - enjoyed the game for the drama of the occasion but it was pretty poor quality football tonight.

Yep and we’re on very shaky ground as well. We need to beat the Olympic camps Canada for progress to the round of 16.

Quite a finish in the Germany vs Columbia match!

Spectacular & a good (surprising) win for Columbia, despite Germany’s better possession but lack of clear chances. I was rooting for the underdog.

Matilda’s (Aus) stun the Olympic champs Canada 4-0 to top their group and into the round of 16.


Congrats. I’ve nothing against Canada, of course. But I really like to see the Matildas do well on home soil.

And Ireland get their first and only point at last against a really good Nigeria side. Talking about the Group of Death!

Irish keeper makes a Gordon Banks/Pele save to save us.

Fantastic to watch the England team have the opportunity to stretch their legs against China.
Some several moments that would make any team proud.

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I was impressed by how the coach managed to maintain team balance during substitutions. One pony tail and one top knot off, one pony tail and one top knot on. :grinning:.


I’ve somehow got over the bizarre ponytail flappyness by considering that the players off the pitch like to let their hair down and glam up.
Especially that they’re now proper earning.
You can imagine they have a personal hair supervisor/stylist to make sure a nice tousled finish.
I agree that some players can pull it off better than others. :innocent:

Think back to Beckham.
He started out being a pigeon speaking delinquent. The teams used to pick up young kids, send them off to training camps - they never went to school. :innocent:

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Better for the most part than male footballers haircuts. Most it seems are quite awful and they look total t***s.


“What’s that on top of your head” ?


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