Today has a palindrome date. It happens not so frequently. A longer palindrome including time of day was not possible I think.
I wonder how many more palindrome dates I’ll be able to enjoy before leaving? I think none.


Hey Max, come sta, long time no hear from you …
As it happened, I moved into my house on 18/11/81

Go well, ciao

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Romans have a history in changing calendars for their purpose. Thats what I would prefer Max.

10:22 tonight is where it’s at excitement-wise - 22/2/22 22:22:22. And as someone has pointed out, today is Twosday. You couldn’t make it up. :slight_smile:


As well as being a palindome, today’s date is also an ambigram - the same upside down (at least if the characters are written lieke they appear with a 7-segment display)
What a day!


Ciao Mike,

sto bene, I’m fine thanks. I’ve lost count of the times I moved house - since 11/81 I have changed seven times, and before that my family had moved at least eleven times… I sometimes can feel the Earth shifting under my feet.


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Yes, indeed…

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Snap! (Not counting a year living away from home in a bedsit 4 days a week.) But before that I’d only moved home 5 times, so your count beats mine!

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