220 volts in my coutry

I purchased a qb, but in my country power is 220v, is it going to be an issue?
Do I need a voltage transformer into 110v?

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To answer your question we need to know what country are you living in & what does the Qb voltage label read.
All europe & most of the rest of the world are 230v 50Hz, North America, some parts of Japan & Saudi Arabia are 120v 60Hz.

Japan is 90-100v with West Japan on 60Hz and East Japan on 50Hz.

The manual for the Qb does not mentioned whether a SMP is used or not and the mains label is not on the back of the unit. I would suggest looking underneath the unit for one and if not found, ping Naim directly. In general, their other non Muso products must only be used in the voltage region they were made for.

If you have to go down the transformer router, you’ll need a fairly hefty one that supports the Qb’s max load - which might be nearly as big as the Qb itself.

Fingers crossed for you.

And a unit made for that market would work quite happily on 220V, so the question only arises if you are purchasing from a place where the mains is one of those with a voltage very different like 100V.

The label underneath the Qb says “100V, 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz”. I’m sure it will be a SMPS because the unit isn’t heavy enough to pack a toroid transformer. So anyway, the Qb will be fine wherever you are.



Ahha I did wonder about that, so yes it has a universal power supply.

Re the point about 220v most europeans still refer to 220v & don’t realise europe is a nominal 230v with a +/- 10% operating range.

IIRC the EU nominal 230v was set at that to encompass countries with voltages mostly either 220v or 240v

Exactly & thats all you really need to know in Europe

But as is always the case behind the scenes its a little more complicated. But to keep it slightly more simple: voltage in Europe was “harmonised” in January 2003 at a “nominal” 230v 50 Hz with an operating range of +/-10%
This effectively means there is no real change of supply voltage, only a change in the “label”, with no incentive for electricity supply companies to actually change the supply voltage.
Bottom line is all equipment made to this spec can operate between 207v & 253v.

Thank you for the information, I’m very clear now!

@Richard.Dane Maybe there is a FAQ in the making here, gathering together info on which products can be used on any mains system and the standard advice for those that need to go back to Salisbury or a service agent to change from 110 to 230 or vice versus?


David, AFAIK, barring the Mu-Sos, all mains powered Naim kit with internal transformers needs to be sent to the factory or to an approved servicer for a voltage change. Depending on the transformer this can be anything from a transformer re-wire to a transformer replacement, plus fuse change and re-labelling.

Well that’s one of the two paragraphs then! Presumably all the muso variants have flexible supplies, like the Qb, but I haven’t checked…

I haven’t checked either, but from the info on this thread I presume so too…

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