230v / 220v ? Does it make a difference?


I have a question about mains voltage for Naim.
I am living in Hong Kong. All my Naim boxes purchased locally from Naim dealer are labelled 230V , however the voltage in Hong Kong is 220V.

Am I just silly to worry about if there is any degradation of SQ if I am feeding a 230V Naim equipment with 220V ? (As I will have no way to find out any difference as even my dealer’s demo units are all using 220V)

If there is any reason at all to produce tel he extra 10V on my mains, how do one go about doing it? Any idea? Power conditioner or sine wave inverter?

At the moment, all my Naim are individually plugged to wall sharing a single dedicated line from the fuse box.

My current setup:
NDX2-> NDS/555PS → 252 → 300

It will be absolutely fine. No need to worry.

I won’t say silly, but anyway you don’t need to worry. There is no degradation of SQ from using Naim equipment labelled for 230V with a 220V supply. In fact the UK supply is 230V +10% -6% which is the range of 216 to 253V. So 230V Naim equipment is designed to work properly over that range.


It depends where you are (I’m also from Hk) My supply is from CLP and it may surprise you that on my PS Audio P20 the recorded voltage in would be mostly between 224-229V.

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As said in other posts, absolutly nothing to worry about.
Naim have to conform to EU standards & power voltage is covered under the European Voltage Harmonisation protocol. This covers the variation in voltages around Europe, in UK its aprx 240v & mainland Europe aprx 220v. The harmonised voltage for all the EU is 230V +/-10%
(i.e. the transofrmers must operate over the entire range from 207v to 253v).

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Thanks for the feedback.
I am interested to know if your PS Audio power conditioning is using with Naim or other equipment? Is there any benefit with Naim equipment using power conditioning?

Everything the whole gig plugged into the P20. My mains a bit polluted and I didn’t have a separate spur supplying power to the system. If I redo my place this would be the 1st thing to do.

Power conditioning is all subjective… it works for me but some purists loathe them

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