250 0live vs 250.2

Would like to be enllighted about the difference in the music presentetion between the olive 250 and the 250.2.

I’ve heard both and owned the latter. Albeit 15 years apart.

I felt like the 250.2 had more grunt but my dealer thinks they are very similar and that the 250.2 was not enough of an upgrade over the older Olive 250 that it should have been.

Ultimately, the presentation is similar and differences evolutionary - unlike the dr upgrade which was revolutionary.

Try to check out the service history of the amps, as the age and condition of the caps etc. will also be a factor in any difference you hear between individual units.

Thanks.I have an 1990 olive 250 from new and it is serviced. was considering a move to 250.2.My source is a bare cdx2.2 and i thought that maybe the 250.2 will tame the extra energy that the cdx2 can produce on certain recordings.Hence my question.

Ahhh in that case don’t bother.

The CDX2 is what it is. A different preamp might take the edge off. It’s not clear what you currently have. Certainly going from a 82/282 to a 52/252 will change things greatly. But ultimately, if the CDX2 is bothering you then the source might be where to start.

An XPS on the CDX2 will round out the sound nicely…

I’ll second that.

The 250.2 brings far more deep refined bass and more open spacious sound compared to the olive and chrome 250. It was a big upgrade to my ears. I’ve always thought the 250.2 to be Naim’s best value product and coupled with a 252, could easily be a permanent level for no further upgrades.

I agree too

Thanks you all.In the meantime my dealer offerd me to try a two year old 250DR so will let you know my impressions.And thanks again.

I found the 250.2 to be boring and the DR version to be similar to its competitors. Big bottom end wide open sound stage, your probably thinking yes and what’s the issues? Well just that. Doesn’t seem to light my fire. Not as much fun. Just like all the others. “All cats are grey”
Each to his own…

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What do you mean by “dr similar to its competitors”

To me Dr brings what everybody else has been doing for years, particularly what they like/do in the states. Big sound stage deep bottom end. PRat still good. It’s more round earth than flat earth which is naim of old imo. I get it, I just prefer forward flat earth. I also understand that naim has never ever been as popular as it is today. As I said each to his own. Just know what you like before you jump. I’d go 2x135’s serviced

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I find the 250dr to be irresistible in its ability to entertain through its rhythmic drive.

Never liked the old 250.2 much.

The DR amps are so much better than the old black series.

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I’ve owned a bolt down 250, CB 250, Olive 250, 250-2 and 250 DR and they are all fantastic amps the DR model was the best but not by the huge margin some report of the rest Olive 250 was my second favourite but they where all great amps and I’d gladly own them all again. I would either go DR or look at upgrading my pre, source or PSU’s.

It depends on your budget. I went for a second hand 250.2 so that I could upgrade to the DR version when funds allowed. The DR is the much better amp, it is everything you’d hope a 250 could bring but with more dynamics, clarity and emotion. Warning, it is very much more revealing, and lets the recordings breathe for themselves, good, bad and indifferent.

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