250-2 service?

A little early as I am still learning the sound of the recent upgrade. I will be sending the kit in for service starting with the 250-2. I have read through the threads but am now wondering whether to include a dr upgrade rather then just a service to standard 250 spec.
So specific to anyone who has been through the same process, what did you go for and how did you find it after a few months?

I bought a mint 250DR 2019 this year for 2000EUR. Considering the cost for DR and service I personally would sell the 250-2 and purchase a DR instead since it will save you a lot of money. Which one you prefer is the tricky thing though since some prefer the 250.2 and some DR.

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Well the DR upgrade turns it into a totally different amp. How that plays with your speakers is a gamble.

When I DRed mine, it broke the spell. Speakers matched for the 250.2 just didn’t sound as good on the DR. I changed speakers too in the end.


That is my thought process. If I am going DR, better to do it that way.

If money is not a particular problem, you could buy a used 250DR and then sell whichever amplifier you like least. Also if you decide to keep the 250-2 then you could get it serviced and then sell on the 250DR.



Following on, and that is my fear. I like the sound I now have and don’t want to get on the upgraditis merry go round.

Indeed, I have made an offer on an unsold one on a popular auction site, unfortunately declined.

I had my pre-production NAP250.2 serviced and it came back sounding much better than when it left. However, not that long after, the temptation of a 250DR could not be resisted and it was a surprising step up in performance from the earlier amp, so very worthwhile I would say.

Owned both 250-2 and 250DR with my then Dyn Contour 1.8s. No comparison, DR more focussed, detailed, bass definition vastly improved, soundstage. In fact not long after acquiring the 250-2 I sold it on and went back to my 200. Perhaps with some speakers the 250-2 performs well but I found it cumbersome.



Interesting, my 202/200 didn’t add much to the A5s. The current set up is night and day different.
I think I need a 250dr to make a comparison.

Indeed, the 250DR is quite a different beast from the 250.2 … so there is a real risk it might not go with your speakers and room… the ideal is to borrow a 250DR and try out… but clearly that is not always possible.
I’d say if your speakers are quite revealing and have a slight upper mid lift (forward sound) in your room … then I’d be cautious about not trying first.

Hi Bruss,
The 250DR is a much, much better and more musical amp than the 250-2. It will make music considerably more enjoyable for everyone other than those whose systems benefit from the slower, fuller mid-bass of the 250-2, i.e. those with perhaps slightly lean or thin sounding speakers.

As others have said, audition both if you can but the DR is still a considerably better amp.

Best regards, BF

I have a DR250.2 that is theoretically overdue for a service or DR upgrade, although it still sounds great. I looked at the sums and decided it would better to buy a used 250DR and then see what I preferred. The original plan was to sell or trade the 250.2 in for a more recent streamer (NDX to NDS or NDX2) at a later date.

A good 250DR turned up sooner than I expected and I have compared it with the 250.2. I like them both, but they do differ slightly. The DR tends to have more control over bass, but the 250.2 has a musical charm that goes so well with female vocals. I have tried them with Spendor 3/5e, 3/5R2, 2/3e and 1/2R speakers with a 282/HCDR and NDX/nDAC/555PS and like every combination.

Perhaps I am a hoarder, but I now plan to keep and have the 250.2 serviced. My long-term goal is to add a Supercap DR to the 282 and wait for an affordable 252. If the 252 is not too revealing for my needs, then the 282 will become the second system. The 250.2 might be replaced by a 300DR in the long run. That would be my ultimate goal if I can resist the lure of upgradeitis. I try to convince myself (and my wife) that I will not take the step to the 500 series.

If you can afford to keep both for a while, I would wait for an affordable 250DR and then compare it to the 250.2 with your speakers and room, bearing in mind that the 250.2 will certainly sound better after a service. When you decide what you prefer, you should make little or no loss if you sell one of them. In that way, you can also avoid the risk of having to replace your speakers if, for whatever reason, they do not match the 250DR.



The 250dr when i tried it in my system was more detailed . My 250.2 has more bouce and drive.
I had an olive supercap on my 252- the DR version opens things up a fair bit

I only have smallish speakers- pmc fact 3s - the older non DR version of the 250 works better for me

Different amps and demo needed

Sounds like my experience between SN2 (250.2) and SN3 (250DR).

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