250.2DR vs Mark Levinson?

Hi there,

I currently am using a NAP 250.2DR and NAP v175 to run my front (Linn 242) and rear/centre speakers. I use this for both hifi and home cinema in the same room and are very happy with the Naim amps. In fact, I’d say that I’d be very hard pushed to consider changing them at all.

However, I’ve just come across a Mark Levinson 431 for sale and am curious on what it would sound like ? Kinda hard to find these things anywhere, but seem to get some great reviews in US sites.

Just wondering if anyone has ever auditioned them ? or has any views vs. a NAP 250 at all ?


I cannot comment on the sound quality but Mark Levinson as a company is, in my opinion a bit dubious.

The board forced Mr. Levinson out many years ago because of design differences but wanted to keep trading on his name. And the brand itself has a fairly iffy reputation for not being able to service anything over a couple years old. I think trading on the name of the guy you kicked out is as dodgy as hell.

Mark Levinson himself is still going strong and has assumed the alias Daniel Herz. That brand is designed by the man himself and he’s now based in Switzerland.

It may or may not outperform the 250.2. But I’d be very concerned about servicing and such.

There is a long list of non Naim American amps I might consider. ML isn’t on that list.


Never heard one but according to my information buying used ML taking into cosideratìon its quite tricky to repair and service!!!you may buy some serious problems.

Thanks. I hadn’t thought too much on that repair aspect. They are now owned by Harman, so I guess I could go to them in the UK, but again, what is that type of thing going to potentially cost if there are so few of them around. SO I think I may pass on it.
I do really like my 250DR and occasionally look around but hadn’t sen anything that would make me part with it ( except a 300DR of course :wink:

Google" Stereophile Mark Levinson 431" and have a look at the review and see what you think of that ?

My points were not about ML sq.

If possible, demo.

I currently have 2 systems one all naim with a 250dr and 1 a DCS/Townshend with a pr of ML33hs.

The sound signatures are different.

So it depends what you want…Levinson is despite now being owned by Samsung of all people, still highly regarded.

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