My current system is:

I’m just considering buying the 300 and PS. Am I right in thinking the 282 will no longer need the SC? So I can p/ex 250/SC? Or is the 300PS only used by the 300?


The 300PS only powers the 300. You still need the SC to power the 282, so will be an extra box compared to 250.

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OK got it. So I may choose to service and DR the 250 and SC instead. Does anyone happen to know the current cost for this?

You don’t mention your source, what is it?

Follow this link.

CDX2 and soon to arrive ND5 XS2

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Thanks for the list.


Some of these prices are bizarre. Why would you pay £1000 for a DR service and upgrade on a Hicap when you can buy a brand new one for about £1200😂


I know, at the lower end they seem disproportionate to the kit price, although if I remember correctly the Hicap DR is pretty much a complete internal replacement, so in effect you are buying a new one and getting to keep your much loved case. :grinning:

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List price is now £1500. Still, you are right, you would just sell it and buy the DR version.

No pricing for an XPS upgrade?

@Laus as @Crispy says

I had 282/SC/300 it was a stunning system, and the 282/SC is more happy with the 300 either DR or Non DR - 300 is a subilme AMP


If you’re in the Euro zone you seem to be slightly favored over us benighted natives.

I thought that, but the Sterling prices include VAT and the Euro prices don’t include local taxes. I sneaked my already serviced 555PS in for the DR upgrade before the change, so did quite well,

I’m thinking of saving up and making the quantum leap from 282+200 to 282+300 and skipping the 250.

Reading this thread I have no reservations whatsoever…

Yes! Cos after that it’s the mighty 252. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’d be better with a NAP250 and putting the rest towards a pre-amp upgrade. A NAC552 (go second-hand, if you have to) is the big game changer, even if you stick with your NAP200…


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552 bypassing 282 and 252 :flushed: