250 DR powering down after switch on

Hi, can anybody shed any light on this problem I’ve started having with my 250 DR - fully serviced by Naim when it was upgraded to DR a couple of years ago.
I press the on button, it stays on for about 30 seconds, if there’s music playing via the cd or radio, it plays that, but then just powers down!

This also happened quite a few years ago, I took it into my regular dealer (Grahams in North London), but it worked fine there! They kindly gave me a new mains lead, and it’s been fine since then! No other mains charges have taken place in our house, except I started using a Hydra Mains cable about a year ago.

I switched the mains leads round with my Uniti, but that made no difference.
Best wishes Amer

Amer, is the mains switch latching properly? I’ve heard of one or two instances of the on/off switch not latching properly and giving similar results. Worth checking out.

Thanks Richard, how do I check that? Best wishes Amer

You should see that when you push in the on switch button, it should stay in. Beyond that, it should be looked at by your dealer.

Thanks Richard, I’ll give it another go. I do think I might have got frustrated with it and just kept it pressed in, but to no avail. As I said, the last time I took it in to my dealers years ago it just started working so no investigation took place. Best wishes Amer

If the switch doesn’t come out all the way it doesn’t latch the next time it’s pressed. This happened when my 500 came back from DRing, sliding my finger off so it shot back out cured the problem (this was at my dealers suggestion) and it’s been OK ever since.

Are you observing the correct switch on and switch off sequence?

Thanks you all for your advice and suggestions. It is now staying on! Richard I must admit I hadn’t noticed how different the position of the button was in the on and off modes. You were right, it wasn’t latching, but the fact that it suddenly started working didn’t really help me or my dealer notice this issue when it happened the first time quite a few years ago. They thought it might be the mains lead I was using at home. As the new one they gave me resulted in the amp working at home, why would I question that?

Yeti, thanks for that trick, I did do that and it snapped back, so fingers crossed I’ll get many more years without having this problem again - it really was irritating/frustrating to be in the mood to listen to music and being given the message ‘the amplifier says no’ !

ChrisSU, thanks, but I don’t think the switch on and off sequence was the issue. Such was the nature of the fault, once I noticed that the 250DR stayed on for a little bit longer when I had a CD playing. In the event it still shut down. But hearing the music did put my mind at rest as it showed the amp was working.

Thanks again
Best wishes Amer

Good news, Amer!

Same problem here after return from vacation.Well this finger snap of yours Richard solved the problem,thanks.

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