250 DR will not stay powered on

Cycles off after about 30 seconds. Was working this morning.

In the afternoon I rebooted my network and did a QNAP firmware update.

Prior to rebooting the network I cycle off the 250DR by the power button on front and unplug the Ultra HBL power strip the 250 and 555 are connected to.

A half hour or so after the network comes back up and the QNAP and apps are finished updating I plug the Ultra HBL strip back in and power on the 555. After the 272 is fully on I push the power button of the 250. It powers on like normal but powers off after 25 seconds.

Powerlines on the 250 and 555.

I do this about once a month and never had issues previously.

Any idea what’s causing this?

I suspect the power button is failing to latch. Turn it off at the plug and then jab the power button on and off repeatedly. Quick hard presses. After that it should stay on. If not the button will need to be fixed. It’s not necessary to turn it off, other than once a year for a system strip down, or when you are going away.

You nailed it, HH. A few rapid presses of the button seems to have fixed it.

Is this a sign the button is failing?

Thanks for the tip.

Who knows? Just don’t turn it off unless you really need to. At least you have your music back.

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