250 upgrade for my SN3???

Hi So I’m new to this forum.
I do so desperately want to upgrade my SN3 by going pre and power or just by adding a 250DR.

This alone would cost roughly £1700 so my main source is my technics turntable sl1210 gr. I do have a separate phono stage as a possible upgrade for this.
My second source is my nd5xs and tidal. I’m running equal lengths of black tellirium Q ll spkr cable on shahinian arc 2s Maybe to you it all sounds fantastic. But I was getting hardly any dynamic low end treble was medium bright and vocals midranges were great.
I just wasn’t happy.
Until I done a dreadful thing. I added a a technics graphic eq to my nd5xs I was quite surprised on the difference it made to my speakers. I’m guessing that by adding a 250dr it will sound even better. It looks like I will have to sell my 200-900 mum Nikon lens to help pay for a decent power amp. Can any one suggest an alternative could I use a rotel power amp or music fidelity I hope I haven’t offended any naim gurus.
My room is 3x4 meters my arcs are 2 meters apart and 60cms away from the back wall. My sofa is 2 meters away from my arcs Many thanks

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Someone else will make this suggestion so I might as well do first :grinning:

If you have the cash for an upgrade and want to benefit both sources I’d get a 282 and use the SN3 as a poweramp, then trade the SN3 later for a Hicap and 250DR.


Good morning and welcome. I can’t help because I don’t know your speakers which I imagine the cause of the problem here. I’m sure someone will be along to help soon.

There is a very interesting thread about the Arcs here: Shahinian Arc 2 Advice

When upgrading from a Supernait, the usual recommendation is to add a 282 first. However in this case, with the Arcs, I suspect going 250DR first would be the better way to proceed. That could then be followed by a Hicap DR and then a 282.

That said, there is another issue you need to address. The Technics 1210GR is really not up to the required standard for the rest of the system, and neither is the ND5XS. This inadequacy will become increasing clear as you add a 250 and then a 282. You really need to be looking at something like a Rega Planar 10, a good Linn or one of the many excellent turntable options that are around.

All this will of course cost a good amount of money. Before upgrading the amplifier think about what you are getting into. Are you wedded to the Arcs? Can you afford a significant TT upgrade? Might keeping the excellent SN3, getting more modest speakers and upgrading the TT be a better option for you?


@anon4489532 makes a point. What is your endgame? I’d be reluctant to downgrade the speakers but system balance is important. I imagine the ND5Xs will be okay but I don’t know the Technics. I think if it were me I’d go for the 250 and then seek a 250/HC further on down the road.

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Hi, to get the best from your Arcs a 250 is really the minimum Naim amp that will drive them well. More specifically either a 250.2 or the current 250DR, rather than the older versions. So I think you are right to consider this as an upgrade to your Supernait. If you want to go further I would then add a Hicap to the Supernait and finally change it to a 282.

This does leave you with a relatively weak source in the ND5XS. For well balanced system you really want to be aiming for NDX2/XPS if streaming is important to you.

£1700 for a 250DR is a very good deal. If it’s a genuine sale, grab it while you can!


I’ve just added a NAP-250 DR to my SN3 and it has made a significant difference.

Although it’s possible the main improvement is that I have 4 Ohm speakers and these now have more power going to them.

As others have said the typical route is to upgrade Pre first and then Power second (then sell the SN3) but if a deal comes up then sometimes that order can’t be achieved. Like you I got a good deal on a 250 DR so bought that first.

If you’ve been quoted £1,700 I would snap the sellers hand off immediately assuming it’s in good condition.

Agreed. It seems like either 282 or 250DR provide significant uplift but the order may depend on the timing of which deal becomes available first. If rumors about new 300DR.2 and 250DR.2 are true then expect a flood of the latter on the second-hand market and perhaps some deals to be had. Absent upgraded 252/282 then we may not see the same deals there.

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