250dr + 202

Have currently CD5XS/Naim DAC with XPS DR/200 non DR/202/HCDR/NAPSC.

This goes against conventional wisdom but swapping out the 200 for 250DR makes too much sense given the deal on the table so doing it anyway without home demo.

At the same time swapping ELAC’s for NEAT Petite 30.

Yes, common sense would dictate 282 for 202 first but I found the 282 warm against the 202 and dislike the aesthetics.

So, wish me luck, please :pray:

The 250DR is a great amp, but I once tried it with a 202 and didn’t like it at all, so conventional wisdom worked for me. Changing your speakers at the same time will make it more or less impossible to assess what’s going on, of course.
Good luck!

As long as you have the aim of a 282 in the future, getting the 250 now when a deal is there makes sense IMO.

272 and 250DR might be a better match for little cost difference. At the current second-hand value, it doesn’t matter that you won’t use the Dac or Streamer, but you have a preamp designed to partner a 250DR. It’s good enough without any power supply and far superior to my previous amp SN2. The forum’s history has generally advised 202 with 250 isn’t a good match.

I can attest to this one!

I’ve not found the 282 to be warm, so based on this I’m glad I didn’t pick up a 202, which I had considered. Re: the aesthetics of the 282… assume you mean the additional row of largely unused buttons for rec out? :slight_smile: Am not in favour either. I am digging the sound though, after much initial worry. I had a 250DR briefly, but found it actually too dynamic and settled on the warmer 250-2. Again based on your stated preference you may well like the DR better; most people do. That said, I’ve not heard it paired with a 202, so your experience would be different.

The 250DR makes most sense when you have difficult to drive speakers. I don’t know if the Neats are …

you will be happy it’s an improvement - I had the combo - it’s great, it sounds better than what you have so don’t worry about the finessing of the argument and logic.
good luck

I recently auditioned a 250DR for about 2 weeks at home, replacing my 200.

The 250DR is clearly a better amp than the 200 on virtually all checkboxes from the audiophile dictionary. But it also has a very different presentation and sonic character than a 200 that you either prefer or not (in the context of your system, taste etc.). I don’t understand why this is so rarely mentioned.

With the speakers I had at that time, both my better half and me preferred the 200 in the end. I have different speakers now and the 250 is still - or better, again - on my potential upgrade list. But I’d never buy it without auditioning first.

I’m actually now going to do the 282 as well and p/x the 202 and NAPSC, just worried I may spoil the front panel by chiselling off the balance control and unnecessary buttons

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I quickly went to 282 after trying my 202 with a 250.2, and it is indeed a much better balanced pairing but I didn’t do it because I thought there was much wrong with the 202/250.2, just an opportunity I didn’t want to miss out on.
I much prefer the look of the 282 as well, but that’s obviously just horses for courses.

Should just add that my 202 was being powered by something that didn’t come from Salisbury so that may have had an impact too!

Me neither.

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