250dr fuse blew

Setup is 250dr is connected to n272 with Morgana interconnect and phantom speaker cable.
The fuse on my 250dr blew up 3 times in the last 4 days. Twice when I switch on and once just blew up out of the blue.

Any clues or advice appreciated. Thank you

Hi, is this the fuse in the plug, or in the back of the 250? If it’s the latter, did you use the exact same slow blow fuse for all replacements?
Did the fuse blow when switching on?
Have you checked that all connections are fully inserted, especially the IEC plug on the mains lead? If in doubt give this a firm push in to make sure.

Fuses blow to provide protection from fault conditions. If in doubt turn the amp off and get it checked out by your dealer.

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Hi Chris,
Thank you for your input.

It is this same fuse i have been using hence quite perplexed out of the blue this happen.

Thanks again.

Have you replaced with the exact same make and type of fuse? Note it’s a T fuse. Your dealer should be able to help.

Are you using a Powerline? If so, check it’s connected properly, see FAQ here on this. A poor contact here can repeatedly blow fuses.

If still blowing then may indicate a fault. Again, something to discuss with your dealer.

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Thank you
Have been using the same fuse. I am sending back to the dealer as they said it may due to lose contact or worse change the entire section power section

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