250DR or stick

System- 202+nascp+hicap /200/ cd5s+flat cap /
Nd5sx / Roksan radius + stage line/ focal Electra be28 /

My question to the group is
I have the chance to upgrade my 200 to a 250DR ,
Or would I be better to add a XPS to my ND5SX .
I would like to here from someone whom as owned both a 200 and250DR if possible
Cheers pete

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Hi, the 250 is certainly a more capable amp than the 200 in the right system. However, I would not add one to your system until you gave upgraded both source and preamp. 282/200 is a better match than 202/250.
Adding a PSU to your streamer is one option, but you could also consider upgrading it to an NDX first, or adding an external DAC.
Also, think about whether you want a newer streamer that will give you access to higher quality music sources such as Qobuz HiRes and lossless iRadio.

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I tried a 202/HC2/250DR with my CDS3 and Kudos Titan last week. I was not smitten… not actually bad, but lacking magic i look for.

…also, think about how your system is set up. Your preamp, in particular, will not be happy sitting on top of a power amp, and these issues become more important as you climb the upgrade ladder.


A few more green led’s would be good! :smiley:


Thanks for your advice Chriss , separating the amps can be easily done :+1:t3:
I’ll definitely think about upgrading the Nd5sx as it as become the weapon of choice

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As already said…better pre amp before you go for the 250dr
I really don’t rate the 202 much

There’s a lot of electronics packed in together there !

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Yes I’ve read the 202 is not overly rated within the group ( but I would say it’s the best pre power ) I’ve owned

Think how much better a 282 will sound then👍

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Chriss wot your thoughts on the nac-n-272
Replacing both 202 & Nd5sx

I would say that you need to power the 272 with an XPSDR to improve on what you’ve got, so perhaps not as cheap and easy as you would hope?

Mmmm a bit to think over

Interesting turntable base, Pete. Please tell us about it.

+1 for 282

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Made it from eBay and Ali express parts , it also houses my Bluetooth receiver

If the 250 is a bargain then get it while its available. The 202 won’t make the best of it but you will have it in place ready for when a 282 or even better a 252 turns up. The 250 may just be the best amp that Naim makes in the sound quality per pound spent stakes.

Urm, if I was brutally honest I’d say sort out the racking first and then logic would say 282 although the 202 is a very competent pre in itself but the 282 just opens the music up. However, those Focals look like they could be quite demanding so grabbing the 250DR now could be a smart move.

Whichever way you go, good luck.


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I would trade in the lot for 272/250dr. Then you would have a better source, similar level pre and better power amp. Racking less items will allow components to be separated which would also improve sound. You can always add a ps if/when funds allow. Alternatively Ndx2/supernait 3?


LOL. Nicely done. I would suggest avoiding placement directly under the turntable, as the very low-level cartridge signal can be sensitive to nearby digital circuitry.