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Hi all, I am enquiring regarding the purchase of a second hand 250DR. The amp in question was manufactured in 2019 as per the serial number, however the rear label of the amp does not indicate that it is a DR model. The accompanying packaging states the amp as being a DR model and the packaging serial number matches that of the serial number on the amp itself. Would anyone be able to shed any light on the disparity between the rear label and the packaging label? TIA.

Very strange. The Naim Product page shows the following back where DR is to left of S/N

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I thought that it was said that the applying of the DR marking was inconsistent in the past?

Easiest way is to give Naim a ring with the serial number. They will be able to tell you what it is and whether it’s been serviced.

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It’s feasible that a rear non dr panel was used, they are screen printed.
Naim can confirm the details with the serial number.
The box label is printed using the serial number; the serial number is linked to a part number and that gives the description, so the box label should always be correct.

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The serial number seems to suggest the 250DR is made in 2012… The best option is to check with manufacturer.

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That’s a stock photo from the internet, the serial number of the 250 in question has not been divulged.

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Mine was delivered new just like you described. I’ve checked this at the time with Naim and got the confirmation that the 250 was manufactured as DR and that the label on the back was not consistently used.

Nothing to worry about … can look up the email if you wish.

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Response from Naim was:

*Thank you for your enquiry. *

*It is not always set in stone that the DR indication should be on the back of the unit, so please do not worry. I have attached a snippet from our system to put your mind at rest and indicate the DR upgrade was installed from new upon manufacture. *

I hope this helps and you continue to get audio pleasure from your NAP 250 DR!


Thank you

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