250DR, SN2 + Hi Cap

Quick question hopefully: I’ve just bought a 250DR and want to use it with my SN2 (eventually I’ll sell the SN2 and buy a 282). If I switch the SN2 to pre amp mode can I still use the hi cap on the SN2 when connecting it to the 250DR? Thanks

@Pmc1979 Yes you can, I have the configuration of SN2 / HiCapDR / 250DR.

The Connection Guide shows how - with a 200, and it is the same when using a 250.


Brilliant, thank you very much!

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Incidentally, how did you find the addition of the 250DR to the SN2? Cheers

Hi @Pmc1979

I had the opportunity to buy a brand new 250DR at a great price and add it to the SN2 before I had the HiCapDR. The SN2 has an excellent preamp section and the added power and control of the separate 250DR further improves all the good stuff (as does the HiCapDR). I will be very surprised if you aren’t happy with the change!

My plan is similar to yours - upgrade the preamp next… but currently having a long wait to see if anything new will appear from our forum hosts!


Excellent, looking forward to hooking it up once it arrives this week.



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The 250 arrived today - I connected it to the sn2 and hi cap. It’s very impressive indeed, more than I expected it to be. I think the biggest improvement is in the bass - deeper and very controlled. I got the 250DR second hand (2016) on the well known auction site for less than half the price of a new model so pretty pleased. Have you tried the 282? I see you’re waiting for Naim to release a new pre amp so suspect you’re not that keen on it?


Hi @Pmc1979, glad to hear your initial impressions after making the connections are good, it will get even better over the coming weeks.

In a previous life, before the SN2, I had an 82 / 2 x HiCaps then a 252 / Supercap, and I am very familiar with the capabilities of the both the olive and classic ranges.

The 282 is a wonderful preamplifier and I do rate it very highly - and I believe it is better than a SN2.



I added a NAC 282 to my SN 2 and that was a wonderful upgrade. I moved the HiCap DR to the 282 and then replaced the SN 2 with a 250 DR later on and once again enjoyed the uplift in sound.

Love the versatility of the NAIM Integrated amps that allow the user to migrate to a superior sounding system in steps as the budget allows.

Enjoy the journey…


Good to hear Geoff, the 282 is the next step I think, Peter

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Thanks! Yes the upgrading never seems to end but that’s what this hobby’s all about I suppose…

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I followed a similar move from a SN2 as @seakayaker, though the planned 282 ended up being the 252 when a great used option came up. You can’t go wrong either way really, either is a big step up from the very good SN2.


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