250Dr with N272 or Nova?

My current setup is 1st gen naimuniti with 250Dr and I am considering whether to replace my unit with
Nova - flexibility in terms of moving to a separate room in the future and a bit more future proof on streaming front
N272 - better musicality according to my dealer and based on feedback perfect pairing.
I will not likely to go beyond multiple deck approach given the size of my home.

Appreciate any further feedback and thoughts.

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Can your dealer set up a demo so that you can compare the two options with a 250? Only then will you be able to make a choice based on sound quality.
If you use any internet streaming services, I would go for a new generation streamer like the Nova. The 272 will be fine for streaming your own music collection stored locally.

There are a few things to consider I think. Is it important that the two boxes match? How do you feel about buying a Nova and not using its power amp, which is always switched on? When I sold my 250DR the chap who bought it added it to his Nova and felt the gain was marginal. He later switched to a separate source and preamp. Would you mind buying a 272 only to find it superseded? That said, were you to buy a used 272 it would be little more than half the price of the Nova and you could sell it on if a new platform replacement ever appears. The Nova isn’t upgradable whereas the 272 very much is, by adding a power supply. I don’t understand your penultimate sentence - maybe it means you don’t want more than two boxes, in which case the ability to add a power supply is moot.

I am keen to keep at 2~3 box at best. I have opportunity to buy a 272 at 30% cheaper than a display unit of Nova. I am quite torn as on one hand Nova provides the flexibility where I can just move it to the room in the future whilst I understand 272 should provide better sound quality but kinda lead to multi box scenario.

Thanks. Wife does listen to Spotify and would not rule our future streaming like apple music either. Dealer not open to demo as they are running a sales campaign

Spotify works perfectly on the 272, but sounds awful. Tidal is fine. You dealer should let you try it, campaign or not.

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That’s not what I would expect from a Naim dealer, I would take my business elsewhere.


I suspect from the OP’s post that they may not be in the U.K., so home demo may not be possible. I’d make my decision based on whether upgrading the source is possible and where the system might go in the future. The 272 with PS would be an option as a three box system with the 250. The Nova cannot be upgraded but does that matter?

Tidal works fine on my 272. No issues. Had some in the past but all is worked out and playing flawlessly.


I recently bought the 272/250 DR which replaced my 1st generation Unitiqute and NAP100. Sounds fantastic to my ears and if I need it to sound better I can add a PS as HH says.
Vast majority of my streaming comes from my Userve so newer technology is not so important for me.

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I didn’t have much trouble with Tidal dropouts on my NDX either, but a lot of people did, and there’s no guarantee there won’t be further issues in future, although I’m sure Naim will do their best to keep things working.

Frankly the upgrade with PSU does not really feature in my mind as I am still keen to keep the box count minimal BUT sound quality does matter.

Do you have a 2/3 box setup with your NDX?


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Another vote for Nova. It’s superb and no clutter.

Love my nova… but would like to try ndx2 and sn3!

Anyone compared the Nova against a SN3 and ND5XS2?

I moved from Nova to SN3/NDX2, while waiting for the NDX I ran the Nova in to the SN3 so it was a two stage upgrade as such. To me the Nova and SN3 was a big improvement in itself - a lot more detail and much improved bass and overall drive. It sort of confirmed my feelings that as good as the Nova is it’s the amp section that’s lacking most. I did make me wonder what a Nova and 250dr would be like - rather good I suspect. Adding the NDX2 a week later moved the detail and presence up a few notches, seemed a bit glarey at first but now about 7 weeks later it’s sounding pretty good. Overall I’d say it’s definitely a worthwhile upgrade over the Nova and you have the rather expensive option of adding a PSU if you want to move things up even further.The value you get from the upgrade will be somewhat determined by your speakers, I’m running Spendor A7’s which certainly highlight the benefits. I’d imagine the SN3 with a ND5 would be very good too and a lot cheaper as you get the benefit of the better amp over the Nova along with a great value streamer


Not heard the Nova no doubt it’s good but I’m sat here listening to my 272/555dr/250dr and I dont see how things can get any better, music just flows.


Thanks for the various inputs. Listened to the following combinations:
A) 272/250 dr
B) Nova/250dr
C) Ndxs2 /sn3

For a pure musical experience and excluding other factors such as upgradeability, tech emg roon, potential being replaced soon etc, the 272/250dr is just right. The SN3 offers greater clarity, pace and vocal that is close to 272 but lack the last ounce of warmth/emotions. Nova combo offers a clean, clarity, dynamic experience which does not bode well for the slow vocal jazz music that I listen to predominantly.

Both option B and C would be considered a more “logical/rational” choices if one factors future proof, value of money But then again bliss of music enjoyment is never a rational one in the first place.

Truly enjoyed mine 272 despite not fully run in. Enjoy the rest of the weekend