252/250 > 552/250 or 252/300?

I’ve currently got a nDAC, 252/Supercap, 250DR.

I’ll be adding a 555DR to the nDAC soon, and then maybe a jump to ND555. Before that though, and I appreciate they are quite different in terms of cost, would you add a 300 to the 252, or jump from 252 to 552 and run it with a 250. I can only do one and it will be that way for sometime. Speakers are Dynaudio standmounts.

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Without knowing which model speakers you have it isn’t easy to advise. With easy to drive speakers I’d generally lean towards the 552/250 option. My knowledge of Dynaudio suggests that they do like an amp with plenty of authority and so I am inclined to advise the 252/300DR combination in your circumstances.

I recently had a 552/300 on home demo from my dealer. My system: NDX2 with 555PSDR into 252/SCDR/250DR. Speakers are ATC 19s.

I didn’t like the pairing of 552/250DR. I didn’t hear so much of a performance uplift from 252/250DR, whereas 552/300DR is simply stunning! After much deliberation I’ve gone with 252/300DR with the view of upgrading to 552 next year. The 300DR is a great amp and a big improvement over 250DR.

I suggest listening to 552/250DR vs 252/300 if you can. I know others here enjoy 552/250 but it really wasn’t for me.

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I had an upgrade dilemma which involved a choice between a NDS/555DR/552/250DR vs ND555/555DR/252DR/250DR, essentially I was faced with the choice of going from NDS to ND555 OR from 252DR to 552 non-DR.

After an extensive home demo of both systems, I decided to upgrade my pre amp to the 552. BUT, my speakers are a fairly easy load and work extremely well with my trusty 250DR. BUT your Dyanaudios may appreciate the extra drive afforded by the 300DR.

All I can say is that the 552/250DR sounds wonderful in my system, in my room, using my aural receptors.

As bongoman says, try to listen to both the 252/300 and 552/250 in your system at home, if that is possible where you live.


Was listening at a dealer’s to Dynaudio Confidence 20s with @Camphuw powered by a 250DR (I think) with a NDX2+XPSDR as source. The pre was a 282 + HiCap DR. All on a single Fraim Lite Rack. The speakers were just out of the box. I think with 200hrs minimum of playing they will sound sweet. Quite impressed, and they were in a large room in front of a block work wall. A very different system to mine. Not so good on Ry Cooder’s Mamba Sinuendo but classical very nice. Not sure to what extent the Melco N1 influenced the sound just being used for its streamer port and stuck below the 282.


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Filipe, that sounds like a beautifully balanced system, assuming the 250DR (if that is what is was) could cope with the Dynaudios.

Of course Dynaudio and Naim make a great match (I used to own a pair) and Dynaudios are not as tough to drive as some think, but they do respond to some power, particularly Naim kind of power.

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I was advised by my dealer to go to 552 before nd555 (had 52/nds with active 2x300 into sl2s). It’ll be a while before the nd555 happens!

Thanks for the messages!

I added the 300 last weekend and I’m very happy. Definitely not great out of the box, and can sound quite terrible at times (harsh, bright, thin), but also showing moments of greatness.

Excited about moving to an ND555 next… presumably that’s not overkill for my 252/300?

Heard them with a ND555/552/500 at the recent Signals event in a normal sized room, they were really really good. The larger room with cathedral ceiling with the 60,s andStatement were good. But you left feeling the 20:s were special on the day?

@Gazza, I think I would have them on my list of speakers try, particularly if I were moving to a smaller room were the Sopra 2s could not be accommodated. They are quite expensive! I was taken by their appearance as well!

The purpose was to listen to Melcos. The salesman was quite pushy!


I have the Naim Core…still not decided on Melco. Got the impression from my dealer that the N10 had kind of upset the Melco range by actually sounding better than the one above…due to its external power supply. The range needed addressing in this anomaly. So I have personally decided to wait until next year or later?

@gazza, I think the NAC/NAP make a bigger difference than a specialised NAS if you have ND555. Later one can try a NAS like the Melco. Just my opinion.


I was recommended to go 552 (from 52) before going to nd555 (from nds)

My source is currently an ndac, which is the weak link by some margin.

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