252 Front Panel Lights

Can the front panel lights on a 252 be turned off?

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Yes, use the display button on the top of the remote. You may need to check that the remote is set to “pre”.

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The only thing you can’t switch off is the logo - it’s illuminated to show when it’s powered on.

Thank you - you mean the remote that comes with the 252?. Can’t do it from the app presumably

Yes the R Com remote
Its not possible with the app as the 252 doesn’t have any wireless function.

Thanks - I’ll give it a go. No point leaving lights on unnecessarily :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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With the ‘disp’ set to off, the lights will come on for a few seconds when you change something such as volume or input.

All done - easy when you know how!. Thanks


Manual :slight_smile:

… because it’s the light that guide us.



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