252 front panel

Anybody know when just using cd player should the 252 just have one cd button light up on the front and aux 2 light on, or just the 2 cd lights on the panel.?

It all goes back to the days of tape recorders. (Assuming from your post that you are not aware of this but apologies if you are.)
The two rows of illuminating buttons perform two different functions . They have to be selected independently.
The top row relates to the input you wish to listen to. (The one which you will hear through the speakers)
The bottom row, which most people do not need, is used to select the input you wish to record.
The advice from Naim is that you select the “Mute” button on the lower room if you are not using a tape recorder.
It’s explained in the manual.
The tape loop can be useful for other things though, but again not many people will make use of it.
Set it to Mute and forget about it.


So I just press the mute on the lower bank.?

Yes, you can mute the lower record bank if you aren’t using it - you may well perceive a slight performance improvement.

OK so the lock feature that you press 4 times how do I exit that do I just turn power off.

Just press the mute button - lit is on and unlit is off.

7.3 Record Mute

At times when the NAC 252 record outputs are not required it is good practice to mute them in order to minimise power consumption and maximise sound quality.

To engage the NAC 252 record mute simply press the record (lower) bank front panel mute button.

If you want to lock the mute then:


It is possible to lock the record controls and prevent

accidental de-selection during recording. Record-lock is

switched on or off by pressing the source mon button four times

within six seconds.


Is the record-lock possible on the 282 also?


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And the 82 has this feature too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi I have the lower bank mute on and the cd light is on both banks is this correct

If you are not recording , or driving a headphone amp, it doesn’t matter what source is selected on the bottom row. Just mute it.
Personally I’d like to lock the top row to its friend on the bottom row. As I don’t record. I only use the bottom row to output to a headphone amp. And that is always the source on the top row ( I’ve only got 2 sources anyway)

so does the 552.

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It shouldn’t really matter which record input you choose here if its muted.

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