252 has lost right channel, no it's the NDX2

Looks like I just joined the “lost a channel on the 252” club. I’ll call my dealer in the morning, though it’s a used unit. Using mono shows that the new 250 DR is okay and all the leads look okay and I’ve powered off and on.

Should I swap outputs on the SC and / or inputs on the 252 first to see if that helps or is the infamous relay issue affects all outputs on one of the channels?

Off course my dealer is no longer a Naim dealer too…

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No try an rca if you are using din or vice versa, if that works at least you have some music but would need a new relay at some point.

From the NDX2 to the 252? I’m using a SL DIN.

@Gazza, I have high quality RCA plugs from my NDX2 to my headphone amp. Are you suggesting I move those to the RCA inputs on the 252?

Or do I try a different DIN input (or is the relay for all the DIN inputs?). Out of my depth here.

Yes try the rca leads to the 252 from ndx2, not sure if there is a relay for each din input, no harm in trying?
Perhaps @Richard.Dane knows how many relays there are?

Are you sure it’s the NAC252? I would thought it would be all or nothing if so.

It could be the NDX2. Have you tried a different source through the NAC252?

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I’ve tried my Rega 3 through the Aux 1 DIN input and that is fine. Then I’ve tried my headphone amp from the RCA outputs on the NDX2 and that is fine. When I connect the RCA output from the NDX2 to the CD RCA inputs on the 252, it all works fine.

So, I’m thinking that as the Aux 1 DIN input on the 252 works fine and the RCA outputs from the NDX2 work okay, that the problem probably lies with the NDX2 DIN output, or the SL interconnect?

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Yes, mine failed within a few weeks on my nd555……luckily my dealer just gave me a brand new one, sent the other back to base as it was probably one of the first streamers to fail in that manner. Hopefully the distributor can repair? Or give you a replacement if it is sent back, though i know it is more difficult for you guys down there.

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Thanks for your help @Gazza, it’s nice to quickly identify the issue. We will see where to from here. But as I’ve got a quality RCA I have music until the NDX2 has to go away for a repair I guess.

Off course, I’ve just sold my Unitit2 that I could have run into the 252, but the Star that replaced it could be run with the 250DR if needed.

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You should still have the standard DIN5 interconnect with the NDX2 you can substitute for the SL version. Otherwise, apart from power cycling the NDX2, it does look like you’ve traced the fault to the DIN output of the NDX2 which will probably be a relay issue.


Yes that would be worth eliminating a cable issue, though as you i think its the dreaded relay issue. I hope that any future new products have a different design that can take a different relay whilst maintaining SQ.

Yes, that’s a good idea thanks, I’ll swap the SL in the morning, I need to get to bed. I powered the NDX2 off and restarted it, but maybe I should unplug the Burndy from the 555PS for a complete power down as well, just to rule that out.

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Maybe the new dealer will lend me a ND555 whilst the NDX2 gets fixed, since I have a 555PS… and they have them on a 20% discount at the moment.


Good luck with that.

Will they fix it in house?

I asked the new guys about warranty repairs when I bought the 250 and they said they would just replace the units. But off course, I bought the NDX2 from the previous dealers and it’s beyond the warranty period.

Worse case, I just stick with the RCA outputs.

I scared myself after connecting the WH cable through other day, I took out the wrong lead. Later when listening noticed I’d lost the left hand channel, fortunately I just needed to jig the cable.

It’s a little upsetting when something goes wrong luckily I’ve had hardly any issues in 27 years.

Hope it gets resolved quickly least you’ve got system 2 as a backup.

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Tried the stock DIN and confirmed it’s the NDX2 DIN output relay. My awesome dealer has arranged for a repair next week and I’ll send it off on Monday. I’ll run the Star through the 250 whilst the NDX2 is away.


Is that your original dealer and not the “new” one.

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Yes, the original dealer that I bought it from. It will be the ex-distributor doing the repair. I’m very happy with their support.


Yes going through someone you have no connection with could be a nightmare

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