252 programming reminder pls

In the past I have managed to program my 252 so that it switched to the correct input when that device was selected
But now despite reading the manual 3 times I’m unable to reprogram it
I can get into programming and get the volume light flashing and mono light up …but cannot change the input ??
Can someone remind me how pleeeeese

To enable Automatic Input Switching, first switch the
preamplifier into program mode by pressing and holding the
handset prog key (with the handset in preamplifier mode).
The front panel mon button will illuminate if automatic switching is already
enabled. If it is not enabled it can be switched on by pressing
the same button.
With automatic switching enabled, pressing the button again
will reveal the inputs selected for auto switching by their
indicators illuminating for a short time. Repeated operation
of the button will sequentially select through each possible
combination of cd, tuner, av and hdd (NAC 152 XS only) inputs
and auto switching disabled (all indicators off). When the
desired inputs selected for auto switching are indicated, stop
pressing the button.
Automatic Input Switching only becomes operational on exit
from program mode by pressing and holding the handset prog

Thanks but that is simply a copy of the manual and I have read that 3 times
It just doesn’t work for me this time …but must have once…as I did once program it

Repeated operation of “the button” changes it…which button? The programme one? … because it doesn’t with mine…

I think what you press is the “mon” button on the 252 - if it is NOT flashing when in prog . mode.

Mon button

Thanks …I’ll try that…memory goes after 60 I’m afraid…

SO, did it work?

I phoned naim tech support to have a nice man tell me he had only been there 4 months and would have to read the manual…
He then tried to explain how to assign din or phono to the CD/aux …which I told him was not what I wanted…
He then said it couldn’t be done …so I directed him to E17 in the manual…
In short …no help what so ever
And I’m no further forward…
I know it can be done … because I did it and it’s still set that way … It just seems difficult to reset it to a different input…
And yes …I have tried power cycling the 252 …three times now …it just won’t forget the previous setting …

You might need to reset the pre-amp back to default settings and then go from there;

To restore all programmable settings to the factory defaults press and hold the remote handset disp key while the preamplifier is in program mode. The preamplifier will exit from program mode following this operation.

Thanks Richard…I will try that

While very polite …the chap told me he had been there longest at 4 months …you cannot give experience overnight…

Sadly that reset didn’t work either

Oh well…I have gone back to using the input that it defaults to (aux1) guess there’s a fault somewhere …

Which input are you trying to get it to switch to?

To the CD input

Hi Japtimscarlet,

Switch your power amp(s) off & wait for them to discharge.
Switch your preamp power supply off, switch the preamp supply back on with source mute on the 252 held down. This will reset the 252 back to default.
Enter program mode (press & hold “prog” on the remote).
Press the source “Mono” button on the 252 repeatedly - you will see that the available auto switching inputs will light in a sequence. When only the CD input button is lit, stop pressing.
Exit program mode (press & hold “prog” on the remote).
When your remote is in CD mode & you press play (for example), the 252 should switch to the CD input.
Switch on power amp(s).
Enjoy (hopefully).


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Richard, reading Adams post highlights some fears that some of us have about the future of Naims legendary service and customer support. I understand that people come and go but there has been a lot of change recently, and Naim appear more ‘corporate’ for want of a better word.

I understand it might be tricky to comment but your thoughts would be appreciated.


Stuart, Naim’s new MD, Charlie Henderson, has made clear how much he values what makes Naim special, and that he’s also keen to keep knowledgeable and experienced staff within the Naim fold. I’m heartened by that. The trick is to use them to train and inform newer staff, and I believe that i what is happening. However, as I well know, there’s a lot to learn about Naim, and these days you also need to know a whole lot more besides, to help with the intricacies of computer networks and streaming too.

In the meantime, on the older “legacy” kit, I’m certainly happy to help out here on the forum, as are many other experienced members on here. And, there are things I’m still learning too…

Thanks Richard, much appreciated. I think keeping the forum going is a big help. Shame that Linn have gone to Wigwam where the loss of Linn moderators makes it a less useful place in my view.

Thanks again,


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