252 service?

Got a 10 year old 252.

Stays switched on 24/7.

When I start listening there’s a touch of sibliance for a minute or two - is this a sign a service is due?

A bit early for a service on a Classic pre I would think. Is the sibilance on all sources?

Just streaming at the moment but I’ve got a new din-xlr so might be that

Genuine Naim?

No aftermarket
It’s just for a minute then sounds perfect

I have an almost 20 year old 252. Not noticing any peculiarities, sound-wise, but it’s in the queue for a full rebuild in April 2021 (that’s how long it takes to get things done here in the US).


good to hear
hoping its just the new cable

I had my 14 year old 252 serviced last year mainly because the volume pot went crackly. It sounded fine though. Came back good as new with a new pot included in the service. Wonderful support from Naim.

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