252/supercap dr 2014

Have been offered the above at what seems to me a reasonable price (about half new ££)- even if well used, I assume I am only about half way towards needing a service and recap? Any issues I should look out for or be aware of?


If you can hear it working then I wouldn’t hesitate.

as @bruss suggests I would want to see it and more over hear it before pressing the GO button

can’t see you system in your profile - 252/SC is a stunning pre in the right system, so that would be my first question and then plenty of information on here re positioning and cable dressing for 252

think the classics are now 12 years??? on servicing on right about half way there

A great pre amp for half RRP for a 2014 DR model sounds very fair for this pairing.

Check out the seller, hear it working first and if it suits the rest of your system I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it. It will need careful setting up though, to give its best.

thanks all.

It’s got more complex, as I’ve also been offered a 2013 552 and 552 PS DR for £12k.

That seems good value, too…

From what I read, people love the timing, clarity, and musicality of the 552 even more…

what would you do?

If I had £12k, I’d buy the 552/PS. If I had £5k, I’d buy the 252.

If I had £12k and no more, I’d buy the 252/SC and a NAP 300.

If I had £5k and no more, I’d buy a 282/HC/200 - just.

Is this a dealer clearing stock?

no, second one is used.

Having owned a 252 and 552, if you can afford the 552, I would go for it, but your source (and indeed the rest of your system) needs to be up to the task and I can’t see that from your profile.

Again the usual advice, check out the seller and hear it working first. If it is a Naim dealer, then no problem.


system is dcs Rossini and clock, Dynaudio Confidence 50’s and 300dr

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Blimey, then a 552DR would fit right in! It is an absolute belter of a pre amp, and that pre-loved price looks very decent.

I’m going to slightly at odds with @NigelB here. In my experience a 552 would be a superb hub in just about any system. In fact I’d like to hear one with active ATCs out of curiosity.

Given the choice of a 552/200, or a 252/300, I would go for the former everytime. The 552 is THAT much better and will actually give a bigger VFM upgrade at 12k than the 252 would at 5.5k. It occupies the exact dimensions than a 252/SC does, so is no more difficult to house-although it is considerably heavier which makes the initial installation a bit more tricky-I ended up with a superficial scalp laceration for instance (the corners of a Mana wall shelf could cut diamond). Which ever one you get, it is vital you spend time very, very carefully preforming the Burndy cable so absolutely no torsional stresses are exerted on the sockets…if not you will not even get 75% of what you should be getting.

Not sure what you say is at odds with my comments, Lindsay.

Please explain.

At odds probably wrong words. Only in as much as your comment earlier about requiring or justifying a top source - true enough of course but I reckon a 552 would work brilliantly with say a NDX or Rega P8.

Don’t forget the Townsend Allegri Reference. Jason Kennedy ( the Ear magazine) found it terrific. Martin Colloms ( Hificritic) uses the Allegri (non Reference ).
Both are Naim audio users.
And it costs less than second hand 552.

I hope to be able to hear it one day.

Thinking of trading your EAR?

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Not really, because it has a great phono inside. But if one day I wanted to change a preamp, I would try first to listen to that Townshend Reference ( 8k).
But more probably, my next move will be Ear 509 monoblocks , and last move .
Also better speakers and Nd555 . A definitive system for retirement.

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