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Have seen previous now closed threads on this but due to foolishness I have anded up with a 252 and a supercapDR from a well know auction site and no connecting burndy.
My understanding is this should come with the 252.

I got a very good price on the 252 including 1 year warranty so cant complain too much - but where can i buy the right cable(s) ?

I have seen the manuals and connection diagrams but its not obvious to me either all the connections I need. I find the diagrams hard to follow and none of the scenarios reflect my own situation. They show a cable from this to that but hard to decipher what cable.

I currently have a a 200DR - still waiting for my 300DR.

So apart from a connection between the 252 and supercap - what else do i need and where can i get it from?

Would be great if naim could supply a clearer photograph and description of the components - do i really need an analogue and digital connection from supercap to 252?

Does the the 300DR need to connect to the supercap?
Does the 200DR?
with what?
will it be supplied when my 300DR arrives?

I know my dealer will know all these answers - but i feel some guilt.
I have purchased the 300DR and my Rega P10 and my NAC272 from him - but price and lead times are a big factor and i got a really good price IMO on my 252 and supercap. NDX 2 next.

In summary a picture of the connections would be great and a link to where I can buy my missing cable(s)

A new Burndy is £579, from your Naim dealer… :sunglasses:

Mine came ‘free’ with my (pre-loved) XPS2, bought from a well know Leicestershire Naim dealer…

Ok thanks - so I can call a dealer and get one.
So the XPS burndy is the same? I have one connecting my CDS2 to XPS - but i could use that in the meantime as i dont listen to CDs so often?
But what is the digital connect?
Do i need that?

No, but the price is the same… You need to state what you want it for. Your Naim dealer should ‘know’… :thinking:

Same for all the other bits. Some really should have been included… IMO…

AFAIK, the Digital feed is to the 252’s control circuits. Its the 252/52/SC equivalent of the NAPSC - but is at c.12V DC, not c.18V DC…

You’ll need a NAC252 Burndy cable and a SNAIC5 - be sure to get the genuine Naim articles. I’m surprised that the NAC252 didn’t come with its Burndy cable - the cable can’t be used on anything else, so pretty useless without its matching pre-amp. I take it you’ve asked the seller to please look for it?

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You should find this useful:

Naim Preamp Reference Guide

Thanks - but is the digital part mandatory or just a good to have?
Really trying to determine if I have to pay £579 + whateveer the digital cable is.

And yes I agree it all should have been included.
The seller said original box , manual , remote control but did not mention burndy - which is my fault for not noticing - although I feel its something that should have been mentioned.

However £579 is acceptable to pay as i think i got a good deal.
Just need to know if i am missing something else compulsory like this digital connection.

Richard the seller is from “whybynew” and appears to have no real knowledge of the product

Have you found the “Connection Guide Amplification”? It’s online in the manuals section of the amp product pages and has a complete diagram for 252+SC+300, though admittedly not for the 252+SC+200. It does, however, have 252+SC+250, and the 200 should be essentially the same. (Compare to the 282+NAPSC+HiCap+200 diagram)

Generally, plug in all the cables that the connection guide tells you to :slight_smile:

In this case: The SC > 252 burndy delivers the power to analog stages of the 252, and it routes the signal back to the SC. The SC > 252 SNAIC5 cable delivers the power for the digital part of the 252 (like lights, input switching, and so on). Yes you need it. Don’t even try to turn them on without it connected.

Some of the cables are labeled in the diagrams, but admittedly not all. However, usually there is only one that fits. (This is of course easier if it comes with all cables)

Yes, via the cables indicated, the 300 comes with two DIN-XLR cables for this. I highlighted them in red with an arrow and a circle around where they plug in:

Yes, same as the 250:

For comparison, this is the 200 from the 282 + NAPSC + HiCap + 200 diagram. I.e., looks the same in the back as the 250:


really good info thanks.

I an going to pop into audio T this weekend!

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Note that the 300 has XLR inputs, so the SC > 300 signal cables (included with the 300) are DIN-XLR.

The 250 has an XLR input as well and comes with the cable. This connects to the SC like in the diagram.

Take care with the 200, however
The 200 can power some preamps and therefore has a SNAIC input (as the SNAIC can carry power, too). It comes with a SNAIC.
I THINK that this can go into the SC just like it can into the HiCap, but I have never owned one or set one up, so hopefully someone can confirm or tell you what it needs


@Suedkiez you are a wise contributor I like to follow - many thanks!

I think I am going to come clean with my dealer - wait for my 300DR - and promise him my NDX2 or even better my ND555 purchase and get what i need.


Thanks, I try :slight_smile: You will get the hang of it, and I promise that all the pain and confusion will be forgotten when they play (and are warmed up / have run in)

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An easy mistake to make. I also had this 252 on my watch list and hadn’t picked up on the missing burndy. I would have also purchased this if I hadn’t won the 252 auction that finished at 9pm on Sunday. I assume you were one of my competing bidders. My 252 should arrive tomorrow. I’ve just double checked the listing to ensure the burndy is included. Hop you get it sorted without too much additional cost.

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Thank you for your response.
yes I think i was the one that won at a good price.

I have reached out to my really good dealer and I know he will help.
For sure I will get my NDX2 or ND555 from him.

The supply chain issues must mean dealers realise the secondhand market is rife currently

Well done… I couldn’t find it…

Naim Connection Guide Rev 2C

(its missing from the main page for the Manuals)

And… its a newer version from the ones I had saved… :grin:

It’s essential and indeed not easy to find (or to even know one should look for it, as manuals are in the box - just not this one). The fact that I have learned to find my way around the website, manuals, etc. is indicative of the amount of confusion that I had to overcome myself! :smiley:

The new Connections version seems - IMO - to actually be better, than previous…

It used to be a lot simpler…
Naim System Guide - c.1985 -??

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It should be noted for clarit the 250 also has a DIN to XLR cable not DIN to DIN

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Thank you for the correction, fixed above to avoid confusion. Great work by myself to highlight it and write it wrong :man_facepalming: