252 to 552, i just need that push

currently NDX2, 252, SCDR, 250DR, Spendor A7. realise the whole infrastructure will need an uplift but aim for the end game. 2 more boxes but I can live with that. hard to hear the 552 at the moment. but that could be it…

You should move this thread to Hi-Fi Corner, you’ll get more responses there.

BTW, I moved from 252 to 552 (and stuck with my 250DR) and never regretted it. Simply more of everything.

cool, yes seen your previous responses. all very enlightening. just need my demo room to open up again.
there’s only one dealer in London that can audition top end Naim equipment!

well two, but not enough.

how do you move a thread? haha

You can ask Richard on here (type @Richard.Dane to get his attention) to move the thread for you.

BTW, if you can get yourself to St. Albans after lockdown, Tom Tom Audio are fab for ex dem and pre loved Naim gear. I got my 282, 252 and 552 from them, all pre loved, trading in as I went.

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cool, and selling is offline?

Depends if you want a demo or not. At this level I would definitely want to hear the kit first. Pre loved 552s are very rare however.

sure, family home is Tring so will try and coordinate a visit. 552 is on the radar. thanks. sounds like a lot of fun!

I’d think that at this level you would be looking at a power supply for NDX2 first.

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Do it, you won’t regret it. It’s an awesome pre amp and will transform your system.

I agree you’ll need to improve your front end. I ran my NDX2 with 555PSDR but now prefer using it with an external DAC. Your choice but either way the NDX2 is a great source and you will hear more of everything with the 552.

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Moved to the Hifi Corner for you.

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I missed the fact that you do not have a power supply on your NDX2. I would not upgrade your pre amp, or anything else for that matter, until you get a PS for the NDX2.

I would thoroughly recommend the PS555DR. When I put one of these on my NDS (similar capability to the NDX2) it was transformational.

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There’s several great dealers within reach of you who can demo the 552. As @NigelB has said TomTom are great but also Oxford Audio Consultants, the Audiobarn, Hifi Lounge, Sound Gallery in HW etc.




Another vote for this…

I went from a 52 to a 252 for a week at home and liked it. The 552 is quite a bit more and I was unsure if I wanted to spend the extra. However, it was put to me if you buy the 252 you will never know what you are missing in the 552. A bit of a sales point but a big element of truth in that statement. Did I say Statement?
The more you climb the Naim ladder the less hi-fi the equipment sounds and the more musically natural it becomes.


Agreed. No point going to 552 without having a source that is capable enough to allow the pre amp to do its stuff.

Bare NDX2 isn’t at that level so adding a 555DR to that should be the priority before a 552.

…and I just didn’t need this pull…


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cool, thanks v much for the tips. I guess the 552 deserves a 555PSDR on the NDX2 rather than XPSDR?Think that’s a different thread though…

Just playing devils advocate does it “require” a 555 on the NDX? Isn’t the Hugo the ultimate front end?