252 vs supernait2

Hi all,
I currently have a Supernait 2 DR acting as a pre-amp, connected to a NAP500 (not dr).
My intention was to replace the supernait with a Nac 552.
I have now a very good opportunity to buy a NAC 252 + supercap (not DR) at a very special price.
Do you think it is a good choice / upgrade?

Pier Paolo

I just bought NAC 252 + supercap (not DR) and am very happy with it.

I had both of them serviced (by Darran at Class A in Sheffield) - and they have improved as the caps have settled in over time.

I can’t imagine that an SN2-as-pre could beat it or even come close to it, but I’ve never made the comparison.


Be careful on the last service of the supercap. But apart that, the difference is bigger than night and day.

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You should wait for the 552. It’s massively better than the 252 and is designed to match the 500. If you get a 252 you will still want the 552, so wait until one comes along.


If the OP leaves in UK, I agree, better wait for a 552. But in another country, the waiting for an opportunity can be long.

I was waiting for more than 1 year but no opportunity in Italy for a 552 and the cost of a brand new one is too high for me

Why not get a used one in the U.K. and have it shipped.

@PPT I’m with @JimDog a very happy owner of 252/SC, I also know I am never really going to have the funds to get 552 to be honest, do I feel short changed on the 252 in NO WAY mine is matched with 300DR so I would imagine th 500 is going to work and sound a whole lot more with 252

another postive note on the 252 is there are always owners wishing to trade up to 252, so if in future a 552 knocks on your door -

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I’ve had mine with a 300DR and am very happy with the 252. Yes, more could might be happy but there are also other things to spend to spent the money on - keep my wife happy too especially after letting my upgrade my speakers!

If the 252/SC is priced good, I’d just take it.


Given that you have lived with a massively misbalanced system and nevertheless you have been enjoying it, but now you are looking for an upgrade, why not swap the 500 for a 552 and feed the SN in av bypass mode, I am sure it will be miles ahead compared to your current setup, power amp in SN is no slouch and source first mindset will be at its fullest. Just a thought. Cost wise at least you will be fine.

For me
250DR on a SN2 was an improvement.
252 with the 252 was a much bigger improvement.

If you cannot get a 552 then the 252 is a very big improvement indeed over the SN2.

Is there a particular risk on servicing a supercap?

Not at all, if done by agreed place, like Daran, Naim Salisbury…

Good. I do not know Daran, but if I do it, I will certainly ship it to Naim. I just got my 252/SC, and do not feel a service is very required at the moment, but they are both 10 years old, so perhaps. In such case - do both boxes need service, and is there a pro/con on upgrading the SC to DR? (My amp is DR if that matters).

Yes, dr the supercap is a real pro, no coin on that matter. Have never found someone saying that the supercap non dr is better sounding on a 252, or superline.
Daran is less expensive and is world recognised. I will personally send my 555 dr and 250 dr to Daran, to save some costs.

Daran is a shop? (in the uk?)

Is there any threads or has been descussion about how a DR sounds compared to a non-dr?

If you read the previous posts you will see that Darran runs Class A servicing in Sheffield.

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my bad :slight_smile:

Class A can service but not do DR upgrades IIRC