252 vs supernait2

The 552, even second hand, is still too expensive for me. I was waiting to find an excellent opportunity (within 5-7000 euros) as I had happened with the nap 500, but in recent years I have not found anything about these costs. On Saturday I will have 252 at home to try it out with my NAP 500. I’ll listen to it and then make the final decision.
A question: to connect the 252 to 500 I didn’t find any schema. Is it similar to the connection between 252 and 300 (so two cable from super cap to Nap 300 or Nap 500. )? Which cable do I need?


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You should have the two din to XLR leads that come with your 500. Just connect them to the Supercap, as shown in the manual.

Have never heard of anybody running a SN2 as a pre into a 500 before. Was curious as to how you’ve found the sound thus far? Because obviously that system is a little unbalanced.

Thanks hungryhalibut

It works. Obviously it is a temporary configuration, as I was not able to move from the Supernait2 to a pre+final in one shot.
Sound was not so bad and for sure better than the Supernait2 stand alone.

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Hi, I listened to the Nac 252 connected to the Nap 500 and it was great.
So I decided to buy it.
Maybe in the future I will have the option to upgrade to a Nac 552, but for sure in the meantime I will enjoy fantastic sound … much better than that provided by supernait.
Thanks everyone for the support and advice


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