272/555/300 vs NDX2/XPS/282/SC/250

Anyone tried this? HH?

No but I have heard 272/XPS/250 vs NDX2/XPS/SN2 into Focal Sopra 2 and nearly all in the room thought the latter had it.



Following this as I have the first combo (272/555/300), feeding a pair or SF Guarneris.

Last December I swapped from 272/555/300 to NDX2/555/SN3, so it’s a bit different, with more emphasis on the front end. At the same time I changed speakers and all cables. There are therefore so many variables I’m not able to add much useful.

As a general comment on the two options, if I had the first and was thinking about the latter, and wanting improvement, I’d be keeping the 555 and 300 and building around them. That entails getting a NDX2 and at least a 282 and Hicap, against which the sale of the 272 would be set. Swapping two broadly equivalent setups doesn’t seem that worthwhile. I specifically was after something smaller and simpler, so it’s a bit different.

The new platform works really well and is much more pleasurable to use. Do bear in mind that the new platform 272 is very likely to appear at some point.

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If you (just) use a HCDR on the 282 and put the saved funds to a 555PSDR on the NDX2 then you have a clear winner.


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I was perhaps wrongly assuming that the OP owned the first quoted setup. If only people would put their system in their profile it would be so much easier. ‘4 systems’ is not that illuminating.

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