272/555 with PC sound card

Just got 272 and testing 272/555 today.

Quick question on the input,

  1. I am looking to use this Matrix Audio sound card with 272, but it has only USB output. Can any of the 272 digital input in the back or the USB in front of 272 work with this sound card ?


  1. Is there any audiophile grade PC sound cards that have coaxial output that I can use on 272 ?

many thanks in advance

I used a Yamaha SW1000-XG for years. Back in 2000 it was miles ahead of the curve with 32 bit HD audio. It had coaxial output and utterly trounced my Linn Mimik II CD player.

It’s very long in the tooth now, but it was the engine at the heart of their pro $50K mixing desks which was great value for $900. There are still people making drivers for it for Windows 10. Look it up. It’s legendary.

I gave mine to a cousin trying to get into pro audio production.

The USB inputs on the 1st gen Naim streamers are limited to connecting iOS devices and memory sticks. You can’t use them as USB inputs from a computer.

If you can’t find a sound card with an SPDIF output you could use a USB to SPDIF converter.

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