272/555PS 200 vs. 202/200 Ndac/555PS

272/555PS 200 vs. 202/200 Ndac/555PS

Just wondering if anyone has tried this comparison and can share your view?

Existing setup
202/200 Ndac/555PS (non DR)

Contemplating to sell Ndac/202 to trade 272…


  1. Macbook/Audiavana
  2. CDS3/XPS2

Thanks a lot.

Hmm, a but of a sideways move, particularly if you’re going to continue with the Macbook/Audiavana and not intending to switch to UPnP streaming from a NAS.

Saving to replace the 202 with a 282 and then a HiCap is likely to be a better option.


Agree with @Xanthe.

Just worth noting that the latest version of Audirvana has UPNP capability to enable streaming as well as Tidal, Qobuz and HIGH Res Audio integration (if you are not aware already).

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