272/555PS(non DR)

Quick question on 272/555PS(non DR) setup, when a 555PS is already connected to the 272 via a burndy cable, is it necessary to connect the original powercord at the same time?


I believe the 272 is fully powered by the 555 therefore will not require a power lead directly connected.


In fact it may be worse than no! It might be don’t do it at all.
For example you must not feed an ndx2 via a xpsdr and the regular IEC supply. The fuse in the ndx2 don’t like it.
The manual or naim website should advise here.

Oops, yours is actually for the correct device! :slight_smile: Deleted my wrong one

Your wrong one reminded me to check that I had my xpsdr burndy the right way 'round though!

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