272 Firmware update

This may be a lost cause, but I am trying unsuccessfully to update the firmware in my 272 from 4.4 to 4.7.

I am using a MacBook Pro running MacOS BigSur 11.2.1. It only has USC-C ports, so I am connecting to the 272 via a USB-C to USB-B.

I have downloaded the USB drivers as per the instructions, but the VCP driver is not showing under hardware in the About This Mac/System Report.

When I do connect the Mac to the 272 and turn the 272 off, the only port I have the option to select is bluetooth-incoming-port and but it doesn’t pickup the 272 when I turn off and then back on again.

Anyone successfully managed to update firmware on a 272 from one of the newer Macs? My suspicion is that the instructions and USB drivers haven’t been updated for the latest MacOS and hardware…?


I vaguely remember that there is a security setting that you had to change to make the Mac see the Naim product. But I haven’t done this with a Mac myself. Maybe @ChrisSU remembers something?



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