272 Headphone Amplifier Question

Having upgraded from B&W P7 cans to Sennheiser HD700, I’m yet to be impressed by the 272 headphone capabilities, hence my curiosity.

How good do you reckon the 272 headphone amp is? If I would to buy a dedicated headphone amp, what sort of price level should I target to get a discernible uplift in SQ?


I’ve had a 272 for a few years now and I’d agree that the headphone is a little underwhelming.

There’s a few reasonably priced headphone amps, @Mike_S has recently purchased one his impressed with he may assist. Cheers.

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I can’t comment on the N272 specifically, but I moved to a Heed Canalot from the SN2 headphone stage and run it with the Obselik PX power stage (which is the high end one, though the Q PSU is pretty good to), NZ$3K more or less. It’s on another level all together than the SN2 stage. I use the HD800 and run the Canalot of the NDX2 RCA analogue output.

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That was quick. :scream:

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I found the 272 headphone perfectly fine but did acknowledge that the unit is a jack of all trades. I added a Trilogy 931 which I found added a much improved tightness and oomph to the sound.

I saw you typing and thought I’d surprise with my speed!

Wouldn’t take much to beat my fat fingers. :rofl:

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Wouldn’t spend 3 grand to power some HD700. Probably a Mojo would be miles ahead. Right?

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Further testing showed the 272 headphone amp section could be surpassed in quality by anything really. Even my iphone 6 sounds slightly better.

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It’s a pity, it’s my only criticism of the 272. To me it does everything else so well.


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