272 keeps dropping in and out of network

As per title, no idea why my 272 is now doing this, wired connection and it shows on the network when scanned.

Try restarting your router and switch.

Since the latest firmware update I get the occasional drop from the network, room no longer shows. Cycling the power on the 555PS is the only thing that brings it back. I know that while in multiroom mode and trying to select a hi res stream from the NAS will prompt the app to drop the 272 room. In the past the track would just fail to play (slave is Muso v1) and that would be it. Now the app drops the room. It also occurs at other times as well seemingly just by selecting a new album/track too quickly from the app. These drops are somewhat rare but still a PITA and something that shouldn’t happen imo.

Same here. I am constantly having to power down the 272 to reboot it. Multi room does tend to stuff things up. I am getting a powerful wifi booster for the stereo room in case the weak wifi signal is affecting the app. The 272 itself is wired to Ethernet. If this does not improve it could be time to go to another brand as the 272/555 is $22,000 and frustrating to use.

It is becoming a pain, not sure it can be resolved. Mine is wired by ethernet and the hub is just a few feet from the 272. Happens everyday now, very disappointing.

Maybe move it on and go to another brand.

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If it gets a frustration, I suggest to get the Atom HE as a temp patch until the 272 successor is there and then trade in the Atom HE for it. Maybe pre-agree with the dealer?

Similar issues (occasionally) on my NDS. Renewing DHCP in network settings seems to work for me though. A bit less of a PITA than rebooting the streamer or PSU.

Just noticed I’m not up to date on the software, however when trying to download the correct drivers I keep getting error 404 no longer available. Not sure it would cure the problem to be honest.

I didn’t have this problem until the new firmware update and my 272 and Muso are both wired into the network. Not a wifi problem.

I don’t know if any of you are in the beta group but it seems worrying that these problems are afflicting people to the point that they are thinking of selling something that should just work. I’ll copy @Will and @Stevesky in the hope that this can get fed into development and hopefully looked at and resolved. Just because the platform has been superseded does not mean that it should no longer work painlessly and be a pleasure to own.


Phew I thought it was just me - same problem with my NDS - I noticed that the ‘stay connected’ option in the app somehow turns itself off - I need to reboot the NDS for it to be recognised by the app. This happens when I have left a track on pause for a while.

With regard to ‘Renewing DHCP in network settings’ not sure how to do this but I’ll Google around - thanks.

I wouldn’t mind but my unit is not even two years old.

:wrench: button on Naim remote > Network Settings > DHCP

Then toggle DHCP off / on. Streamer will (hopefully) reconnect without needing to power down.

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Must be frustrating…
So I might be able to suggest some things to look up,
1 can you say why you think the 272 is dropping in and out of the network… what is telling you this, and how long does it take, does it have a new local IP address when it reconnects. Is music play out interrupted?
2. What do you connect your 272 to on your home network, and how does your wifi connect to your home LAN Ethernet, and what is it.
3. What do you use to control the 272 app… iOS/ android etc

You see your 272 could be fine, but a mobile device on your wifi is having difficulties with the data protocols being used.

BTW don’t fiddle around with dhcp… leave it on… only go there if you have a faulty dhcp server on your router… kind of very unlikely… what is your router. Usually best to use an isp supplied router(certainly if with quality isp) unless you have a specific reason not to.

Ah thanks that would be a piece of cake but my NDS screen is dead so not sure I can do that.

Last night my 272 stayed connected all evening, apart from the usual reboot of 272 and BT hub, the only other change I made was when I logged into the BT hub, I noticed an icon labelled smart connect. I’ve never noticed this on the hub before so I engaged the icon. Not sure if this made a difference or not, but the 272 did stay on with no dropouts last night. I’ll see how it fares today.

Doable in theory if you carefully counted the number / direction of clicks on the remote — the Naim equivalent of Morse code :smirk:

Removing / reinserting the streamer’s network cable achieves the same results. Preferable to constantly turning hardware off & on?

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Hi all,

I’ve just checked with the necessary teams and we’re not seeing anything unusual going on with the last release. There are a couple of more niche cases on Tidal that need fixing on next build but overall holding together pretty well.

In the case of @Kompressor1 it indicates he’s on older code and hence that is at least 3 years old and very well proven. It indicates that is a localised fault that is going on.

To ensure issues are on the radar make sure support tickets are raised with Naim. Ultimately if there are issues that are down to a bug or compatibility issue we’ll fix them. As proven from this last code release, we are still supporting the older products, some of which go back 11yrs now.

On a side note, I have looked at a couple of cases in the last few months and they ended up being hardware faults. Some of these products are getting very old and some electronic components are starting to fail (inherent in any electronics if you make enough of them). Again, our helpdesk is there to help break down the problem.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Can I ask about this, I’ve not been successful with the current software update. My problem seems to be obtaining the necessary driver to install the upgrade. When I have tried to get the driver, I have an error code telling me the file is no longer available or has changed the file name.
I will add since ticking the smart connect icon when logging into my BT hub the problem seems to have resolved itself, but it is early days, only a couple of days has passed since the change.

Is it PC or Mac drivers you are wanting? If it’s Mac, what OS are you running?