272, Mac mini, Tidal, Roon

Does anyone on this forum have this combination?

I have the 272, Mac mini and Tidal.

I’m curious about how well Roon would integrate with my ripped music in iTunes and the music I’ve selected in Tidal.

For instance can you compile playlists in Roon that select tracks from both iTunes and Tidal?
During playback if you selected ‘shuffle’ would it pick tracks from both Tidal and iTunes?

Roon merges your local and Tidal/Qobuz library into one, so the short answer is yes. As the 272 doesn’t support Roon, you will need to think about how you can implement this, but there are ways.

As you mention using your local rips via iTunes, does that mean you run optical from the mini to the 272 (and are happy doing so)?

Not exactly that combination. But I recently discovered that I could use my macmini with audirvana installed as an upnp server to push through my ndx with tidal masterquality. Really good😀.
/ Anders

Yes Dave, the Mac is connected to the 272 via optical. I don’t use WiFi for music it’s always cable.

Judging from the Roon website I can use the Mac as a ‘Core’, and can use my iPad or iPhone as the remote.

In that case then yeah, that should work fine. Roon do a free trial, so you can install it on the mini and test it quite easily.

I assume the mini is of sufficient spec to run Roon ok? Something to test with a trial if unsure, I suppose.

FWIW I’ve recently taken to using Roon with my 272 via a Pi-based endpoint running optical into the 272 and I’m enjoying it so far.

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I use a MacBook as Roon Core, with iPhone as remote running Roon app, and it works fine. I use a network connection, which I suspect is potentially better than a direct optical connection, but with the 272, that requires a workaround as it has no built in Roon support. Still, if it works well for you over Toslink that may be all you need. Have you compared Roon sound quality with UPnP from your music library?

I haven’t installed Roon yet so I can’t compare. I’ve just been looking into the pro’s and con’s before I decide.
Integration between iTunes and Tidal is a dealbreaker for me. I’ll probably give the free trial a go and then decide.

Certainly worth doing the free trial. You need to spend a bit of time with it once set up, to find your way around the software, and figure out how to get what you want from it.
Roon combines any local libraries you have, including iTunes, with Tidal and Qobuz. So you see it all as a single library, although you can choose which version you want to listen to.
If your Mac Mini is very old, and has no SSD, it may struggle a bit with Roon, but give it a try.

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