272, Muso not found

Enjoying the 272 last night via the Naim app and all is good, but the lack of native Qobuz means I have to use Lumin occasionally. When I opened that app on the iPad it didn’t offer up the Qobuz tab, nor could it play any local music as it hadn’t located either the Muso or the 272. There’s no option anywhere that I can see on Lumin to force a refresh.

Out of interest I tried the Linn Kazoo app, which has also happily existed on the iPad since Qobuz appeared on my radar earlier this year. Likewise, it can’t find any rooms but at least has the decency to display the spinning icon indicating that it’s searching. After about 15 minutes it was clearly not going to find anything.

Back to the Naim app and both boxes are listed, both happily play whatever I point them towards, so they clearly appear on the network.

Any suggestions? I know the first will be reboot the router but that involves powering down half a dozen other devices and bringing them back up in the right order, and being without the phones for an hour or so whilst the IP-based extenders go through the process of re-establishing contact with base. As a last resort that’s what will happen, but is there an alternative?

I power-cycled the 272 and rebooted the iPad, to no effect.

Naim app good; Lumin, Kazoo not managing.

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