272 no sound output

Hey Guys, I have a 272 that plugs into a 300 via the provided din to xlr cables, that runs my front main speakers. I use it for music (streaming on the 272), and home theatre using analog 3 from my AV receiver. It’s been working great for the last 2 years.
Last night I went to use my system and there was no sound coming from my main speakers via the 272/300 but the rest of the system was working fine. I tried streaming, av input, nothing. I power cycled the 272/300, still nothing. I tried the mute button, nothing. And I tried plugging the 272 into my 200 that runs my centre channel, still nothing.
All the power lights are on and working. The 272 appears to be working normally, via the app and front panel. I can steam from tidal, the songs look like they are playing. But there is no sound.
Thoughts? Am I doing something wrong? Or has the 272 died?

Check the Analogue output settings haven’t changed from DIN to RCA

Thanks for the thought, but it’s set to DIN output. I tried all the settings in that menu, and it didn’t make any difference. Still no sound.

Check your din-xlr from 300.
Could u have connected them up wrong way?

Yeah I checked that too.
And when I tried the NAP 200, I used a 4 pin din cable both ends and it still didn’t work.
I tried head phones, no sound either.
Did a factory reset on the 272, still no sound.

Are u certain that both the din-xlr and burndy s are connected correctly?
Red goes to channel 2, green to channel 1.
If not certain try reversing burndy s at amp end.
When I got my 500 I connected up wrong and there was no sound but everything lit up properly

Sure the unit is not in mute by accident?

Hey guys, yes cables are correct, and mute is not on. I got a couple rca to xlr converters, modified the pins on them to suit the 300, and plugged these into my av receiver. And this works, so there has to be something going on with the 272. Worst time of year for this to happen. But will take it back to the deal for them to test when they reopen after the holiday break. Thanks for the input.

Ah ok. A few more things to try…

If you’re not using an external PS with the 272, then make sure the Burndy link plug is correctly seated.

If you are using an external PS, check the Burndy cable plugs are seated correctly in their sockets - Power down, give it a few mins the. release the collars, disconnect and reconnect again. You could also just try running the 272 on its own ( link plug back in) to rule out the external PS.

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Definitely the 272 (or, very unlikely, a short in both the DIN-> XLR cables).

2 more things to try

1 Turn off and remove the power cable from the 272, leave it for a couple of minutes, then remove and replace the Burndy link plug from the back (making full sure you reseat it properly), replace the power cable then power on and retest.

2 Unplug the DIN-> XLR cables and try again with headphones.

These are both clutching at straws, I don’t think they will work; however, as there is a good reason to believe that there is a very slim chance of it sorting the issue, you may as well try them.

Thanks for the input guys. I have tried reseating the burndy link plug and also an external 555 PS, same result with no sound. Also tried the RCA pre outs instead of my din>xlr, and they aren’t working either. Tried headphones again, still not working, but these head phones tested ok on my receiver.
So I think I am stuck at this point.

The frustrating thing is that the 272 appears to be working fine. All the controls via the remote, front and app are all working. I can switch inputs, steam from tidal and upnp, and it all looks like it’s work. Just no sound out.

It sounds like you’ve tried all you can - possibly a stuck mute relay - time for a trip to the dealers.

Hope you get it sorted quickly :+1:

There are a few options, such as logo on or off when muted, which may be causing confusion. Maybe the maximum volume setting has somehow been reduced to 0, though it seems unlikely. If no setting has been changed and nothing else adjusted, for it to suddenly go wrong after a long time working does suggest a fault of some kind.

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