272 remote control pairing


I’m thinking of replacing the remote on my 272 due to the current one being in a very poor state. Does anyone know how to pair a new one? I’ve searched everywhere but cannot find any information on it.

Many thanks

It’s just an infra-red remote control and should work fresh out of the box.

The newer streamers use Zigbee which do require pairing.

Ahh, that makes sense. Nice and easy. Thank you!

If you find it doesn’t work straight out of the box, then it may actually need pairing. There is a little-known facility for using different IR codes for different legacy streamers. If your 272 had been set to one of those other codes then a new remote control which is set to the default won’t work.
I would need to find the details, but if you post here I’m sure that one of us will pick it up and tell you what to do.


Thank you David, that’s very useful. If I find it doesn’t work straight out of the box I will post on here for some help.


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