272 + Roon + UPnP bridge

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone out there has come across the following and can supply a fix or a explanation.
Have managed to install the Sonore UPnP bridge and integrate into Roon and all is well, except for a slight anomaly. Hopefully, it is something I have missed in setup, or it is a quirk of using the bridge. Let me explain, what is happening.
So I am using Roon server, installed on a i5 chipset laptop, connected to a router. Router connects to a network switch. Network switch connects to Naim 272 (pre-amplifier), Naim Uniti Core (Music storage drive) and Sonore UPnP bridge.
Initial setting conditions, all volume controls set to zero i.e. Naim 272 and Roon. If I increment the volume by +1 on 272 rotary volume control, 272 handheld remote control or even using Naim app + button, results in a increment of 1 in volume, as shown on 272 display panel. However, if from zero volume setting in Roon, I increment the volume by +1, the 272 shows a volume setting of +16 on the display. Subsequent pressing of the + button in Roon, results in +1 increment in volume on the 272 display.
Any further information, then please ask and thank you for any replies.

What does Roon report as minimum and maximum settings?

It reports back, on setup as being 0 to 100.

Can you decrement it below +16?

Hi Andy,
I have tried changing all the volume settings in Roon, this results only in change of the Roon volume available display. I did try fixed volume, which ended up driving volume to 100. My ears are still recovering :blush:

I have a 272 with a Sonore UPnP Bridge on my server. I too notice a mismatch between the volume on Roon and the 272 and setting Roon volume to 0 does indeed correspond to +16 on the 272. If I recall it was aligned when I first set it up.

I can’t help with a fix as I haven’t solved the problem, although TBH I’ve not really tried, so at least you are not alone.

Thank you. My gut feeling is that is a quirk of the bridge, with the 272 not being fully Roon integrated i.e. Squeezebox. I have asked the question of Small Green Computer and Roon. If I get a fix from them, will forward you the reply.


From what I gather SGC are pretty responsive, and you are not the first to see the problem so I’d be hopeful!

As “ WeekendWarrior” has seen this also, I think it will be some quirk of using bridge with Roon. We live in hope of a successful conclusion. All is not lost, I now have access easily to flac radio stations and Quboz. This maybe another justification for Naim to release the successor to the 272 :crossed_fingers:

I imagine this is the bridge causing this and translating between the two. As I have proper squeeze boxes and they work fine with volume and did when I used Squeeze lite endpoints on pi’s before I switched to use Roon Bridges instead.

My feeling too. Hopefully, either Small Green Computer or Roon should be able to confirm this.

I think the solution is to not use the volume control in Roon. I pretty much just ignore it and use the remotes or physical controls that come with my endpoints (DAC V1, UQ1, Muso, Sonos).


I have come to the same conclusion. However, if I get positive update from Roon or Small Green Computer, then I will post on here.

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I too, only use the Roon integration at fixed volume output into my Sim Audio Moon amplifier, and use the volume there.

Personally I don’t see this as a reason not to use the Roon volume control as it still provides control at the volume levels I use, so will continue to use it even if there isn’t a fix.

Hi All, so would anyone recommend going down this route at the moment? Im currently running a sotm sms200 (roon ready) into a dac-v1 and considering a move to the 272 as it has a much better preamp than the v1 (no supprise there!) but the upnp bridge does sound a bit fiddly? The network segmentation etc doesnt phase me particularly but is the end result stable?

Hi John,
The integration of the Sonore UPnP bridge, is pretty straightforward with the 272. All I did was connect it up and enable Squeezebox in Roon settings. The only observation I can make is about the volume offset, which I explained above. This is not a showstopper and you will be able to listen to higher streams of internet radio and Quboz. If you buy a new bridge, please be aware that besides cost of bridge and shipping. You will pay approximately £50, in import duties. I currently run Roon server on laptop and all works well. If you buy Sonore bridge, you get 60 day free trial of Roon. If I decide to stay with Roon, will probably buy lifetime membership and a Roon Nucleus.
I think you have 4 options,

  1. Stick with what you have and wait for a revised 272 to be released, which in all probability will be Roon enabled.
  2. Go with the UPnP bridge and 272.
  3. Purchase a Roon enabled pre-amp/streamer i.e. Auralic Vega G2.
    I decided to go option 2, but will purchase revised 272, if it ever happens. :crossed_fingers:

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