272 upgrade options

Been a while since posted on here, so here’s a question for those die hard 272 fans.
A year ago I had to part with my NDX/SN2/PL’s/lumina IC but kept US and PMC25.23.
Since then I’ve gone SU, SU&250 and now 272/250(non DR).
I’m almost back to where I started, I say almost as the streamer/dac is not as good as an NDX, fact. And it shouldn’t be given the price points.
I think the 272 pre/250 is as good as if not better than a SN2, better control of speakers for one.
Anyway, I’m aware that a 555ps is a huge game changer, however does that lift the streamer/dac to the level of an NDX(I’m sceptical to think it would).
I have 2 options really… Just buy a used NDX (at relatively small cost)and live with the 272 as a pre for a few years, then swap that out for a 282/HC OR…buy a used 555ps(4-5k).
In real terms which will ultimately be the better buy lb for £ ?

P.s. I am aware that the end game of ndx(bare)/282/HC/250 would obviously be streets ahead of 272/555/250 but I’m pondering which option is finacially better.



P.s. My source is pretty much US.

Why not get the 250 DR’d or, perhaps better, trade your non-DR for 250 DR, enjoy your system for a few months and then see if the fabled 272.2 emerges next year? If it doesn’t you could add NDX2/282/HC or even look outside Naim.


NDX, 282, 250 is absolutely not streets ahead of 272, 555, 250. Having heard both I’d say the latter was at least as good if not better. I’d suggest it would be pointless adding an NDX to a 272. I’d get the 555DR, DR the 250 and enjoy. You’d then be ready if and when a revised 272 arrives, though you might well be so happy with your existing 272 that you don’t feel the need to change.

I’d go 555DR too, and maybe swap the 250 for a 250DR or a 300DR. I think a 272 with power upgrade is NDX level at least…

Or if you want an uplift, NDX2, 282/252, 250DR.

The NDX, 282, 250 is definitely not streets ahead of the 272, 555, 250. Having also heard the same systems that HH has I’d say that they are probably on a par. Preference is probably down to familiarity as I prefer my system as it was then and HH preferred his.

Without a 555 on the 272 it’s a different argument and the NDX/282 is clearly better then to my ears.

I’m not sure why it’s automatically assumed that the 272, 555 will be inferior. If you go on price the 272 combination is actually a few hundred pounds more expensive than the NDX, 282 combo with a HiCap DR powering the 282. Given that usually with Naim you get what you pay for so you would expect them to be similar in capability.

They do sound different though, the 272, 555 has a lovely ease and flow that the NDX, 282 lacks which is more up front and in your face but more detailed and insightful. To get the best of both worlds you need the 282 with a better source than the NDX. An XPS DR on the NDX deals with this nicely but then you have a more expensive combination.

As you have the 272 already I’d do as others have said, get the 555DR and also have the DR upgrade on the 250 when it’s due for a service or when you are feeling flush.

And I didn’t suggest it was; it was the OP who thought it would be the other way round. I agree, they are pretty similar and I wouldn’t express a preference either way. Both are more than capable of producing really enjoyable music, which is really all that matters.

My mistake, doh! Must try harder.

I should have said The NDX, 282, 250 is definitely not streets ahead of the 272, 555, 250

Now corrected.

Thanks for the input gents, best get saving !

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