272 with SN2

As a temporary measure would I be able to use the power amp of the SN2 directly into the 272 or would I need a Hicap for this to work?

Not sure what your trying to achieve here?
The 272 is a streamer / preamp and so it would feed in to the sn2 not the other way around

I believe you can feed the 272 into the Amplifier only part of the SN2 so avoiding the SN2 preamp section
This should give a slight improvement over the SN preamp and no hicap needed
Sorry…I cannot remember if a special cable is needed for this…been a long while since I’ve done a similar thing (with a nait xs )

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Thanks for your reply. My aim is to get a 272 first and then get 250 power amp later. So I would need to use SN2 for time being as a power amp.

My understanding is that if u were to use the 282 connecting to the power amp section of the SN2 you would need a Hicap.

So I was wondering if the same is required for the 272.

Ahhh the 282 has no built in power supply…so yes you would

The 272 has its own power supply…so for that…no you don’t


The 272 / 250dr is a lovely combination and a real sweet spot in the naim range

If you have spare money in the future…then the 272 can be improved further with an external power supply… like the XPS or 555ps …but it’s not a necessity by any means



272 appeals as it gives me introduction to streaming. Has inbuilt dac so I can improve my tv sound. Also when not using CDS3 I can use the XPS2 for the 272/250


Hi; not to hijack the thread but: why is the 272 said to go well with the 250, but not the 202 - is the preamp section in the 272 better than the 202, I’ll be interested in the replies :slight_smile:

Just dropped a 272 into my system… was using Nait 5 as a pre, Hicap 2 and 250DR into Titan 606 with CDS3 upfront. Now using 272/250DR with CDS3 and it’s a very satisfying sound indeed. I tried a 202 last week in place of the Nait 5 (as a pre) and did not like it particularly, in fact i’ve never liked a 202. The 272 sounds ‘right’ with 250DR (no surprises) and obviously not news to the many 272 owners out there. Not tried the streaming part, but i’d be amazed if it came close to my CDS3…

See Gary’s statement above…says it all

That’s good to hear. You were an influence on me ending up with my current system CDS3, XPS2, SN2 when you had a SN2 yourself several years ago as all my equipment has been purchased second hand.
Very happy with the set up but I’m curious what a better amp can do with the CDS3 with the added bonus of streaming and a Dac. Plus I’m frustrated at the wait to listen to the new Fleet Foxes album which has been available on streaming since Sept and will have to wait till Feb for the CD version. Had this with the Fiona Apple album earlier in the year. My intention is not to let go of the CDS3 after hearing a NDX several years ago.

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Good to hear you have been happy with your system. I think the 272/250DR is a good step above the SN2 from my aural memory. What is good to know is the pre amp section of the 272 is more than capable of allowing your CDS3 to shine, and the added benfit of streaming and internet radio.

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And better still…if you DO succumb to an additional power supply for the 272 …it benefits both the pre amp and the streaming sections…win win.

Yes indeed a nice touch! I think you will really like the 272/250DR with or without the XPS2, it’s a very accomplished set indeed, and i can see myself keeping this one.

Connect to the av input and switch av bypass switch to on, that will bypass the sn2 preamp section.

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Out of interest, why would you do that rather than removing the link plug, plugging in the 272 and enabling power amp only mode?

I would have thought adding a NDX2 to the SN2 would be the way to go, unless the SN2 isn’t driving large speakers?

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It’s just easier, and no chance of misplacing the link plug. You can use rca interconnects doesn’t have to be din. Plus any other sources can remain connected to the sn2 if required. No other reason.

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Interesting, thanks. AV bypass is something I’ve never used.

My aim is improve the amp (not the source) with the added bonus of an inbuilt DAC (it’s watching films with my 15yr old son that we have a common interest as he has no interest in sport or music) and as an introduction to streaming. The streaming idea is to listen to new music as a secondary source with the CDS3/XPS2 as my main source. The end goal is to end up with 272/250 as the amp anything else is just a bonus. Then leave alone for several years. My speakers are Allaes.

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All of that sounds logical to me!
I’ve just pulled the trigger on this nice mint 272 to go with my 250DR. I will be using the CDS3/XPS2 into it, and likely stay that way.

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