272 + XPS2 comparable to 282?

I am currently running CDX2/272/XPS2/300 nonDR. My senior bombarded me with his theory on source & keep suggesting me to swap 272/XPS2 with 282 in the future.

Could anyone give me a valid reason for the change counting the 272 was a newly bought piece (Nov/2020) and I have no complaint on current set up !

Pls to hear.

As an analogue pre-amp the NAC282 should likely eclipse the NAC-N272 in same role, especially when you up the PSU ante. However, bear in mind you’ll need a streamer (at least an NDX2) and also a power supply (at least a Hicap) for the NAC282.

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True & I could understand the rationale.!

Btw the streamer part of 272 Vs NDX2 Vs ND5XS which one serve better? Counting with the possible upgrade on PSU (XPS2)

Thx mate.

If you have no complaint you might just enjoy your music. On the other hand I think if you were to hear a 282/HC through your NAP 300 your mind would be pretty quickly made up!



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How important is streaming to you?

If you prefer your CD player then a 282 makes sense and through your 300 will be superb. You can also move the XPS on to the CDX2 which will improve your source too.

This leaves you without a streamer which is an additional expense and depends on how good you want it to be.

If you are happy to forgo CD’s then an NDX2 with your existing XPS would be a good choice.

I agree with @trickydickie . I would just add if you like both CDs and streaming, you could add the XPS to the NDX2 and use the CDX2 as transport with the DAC of the NDX2 (it should be better).

The reality is streaming part of 272 only fair enough to me as missing MQA/Roon ready etc obviously a pain in the neck…

I am more than happy with CDX2/XPS2 for HDCD

Otherwise using tidal’s hifi/master to grab a better sound stage…

The good thing of steaming is cheap & one could surf for different music kind without limit at one affordable cost. My 2 cents

Omg, that’s a good idea
Which means sell off 272 for 282 & NDX !

Bear in mind that this would only work if your CDX2 is the later version with the digital output.

It’s worth asking yourself whether you actually need a CD player when you have a good streamer.

The 272 is an excellent box. The 282 isn’t hugely ahead and it may be that your friend is simply justifying their own choice. Remember that there is always something better - you don’t have to have it.


My gosh, you are right, my stuff is the phase 1 piece running VAM1250 uses the Clamp4 meaning no digital output !!!

Personally coming from a 272/555DR the 282/HiCapDR is a much better preamp in everyway, more resolving and wider sound stage.

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Got it
555ps cost a lot even 2nd hand

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