282/200DR with FC2X on Upgrade 2 possible?

I’m pondering about a 152XS to 282 upgrade, which will need to be budgeted in phases for it to occur, and since I already own a FC2X it occurred to me that I may use it in the meantime to power Upgrade 2 of the 282 (until I can get to HCDR, SCDR or what may) while using the 200DR power supply to power the main signal path circuit. So basically 200DR connected to 282 Standard, Upgrade 1 link fitted, with FC2X ‘Power Out B’ to 282 Upgrade 2, and of course NAPSC. I’ve searched the forum and couldn’t find this particular configuration addressed.

Now this is not a question about upgrade paths, I’ve read the many informative posts on this forum about upgrading, and I also understand this may not conform to Naim orthodoxy and will likely be deemed undesirable by many. My question is if it’s even an option technically speaking, my ears will be the judge when/if the time comes. Also, can someone knowledgeable enough explain why the two power supply inputs on the 282, what’s the difference if any between Upgrade 1 and Upgrade 2 since lights and digital controls are already taken care of by the NAPSC?

I see what you mean but when you consider how the various stages in the 282 are powered from each socket, you’ll effectively end up with a bit of a Frankenstein arrangement with single rail DR power supply feeding one channel and a dual rail non DR feeding the other.

It may be worth trying by using the FC2X, but in the conventional way

282 Upgrade 1 to FC2X Power out A via a SNAIC5. Connect signal out A to the 200DR via a SNAIC4. You could also power Upgrade 2 from Power out B….

….But I do wonder how well the non DR FC2X supply would compare to the single rail DR supply from the 200DR. I would save money and put it towards a Hicap DR.

Details here on how the various stages are powered from the Upgrade 1 & 2 sockets


Okay so it is a per channel arrangement, that explains why there’s not a lot of interest in a setup like this, I somehow missed the FAQ entry, thanks for the link.

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It’s a tricky one. Might lean towards the FC2X as the main power supply even though non DR. It is, after all using a transformer dedicated to a single voltage unshared with other loads. That could very possibly outweigh the benefit of DR on the 200.

My advice: don’t ask the forum. Ask Naim support.

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I ran my 282 from a flatcap 2x for a while as I didn’t have a Naim power amp. I also got diverted to a superline and Aro the first two times I went to buy a hicap. Mostly I just used one power output of the flatcap for the 282 but I did try using both outputs on upgrades 1 and 2, it sharpened things up but shrank the scale, on the whole I preferred the more diffuse result from using just upgrade 1. Compared to the eventual hicap a flatcap sounds a bit lightweight and stressed, like it’s been promoted beyond its abilities but is giving it a good go, I suspect you’ll find the DR supply from the 200 preferable.


I’ve never heard the 282 powered by FC but for many a year I ran my 282 with a nonDR 200 and it sounded VERY good. I’d be inclined to stick with that until such time a HC or even SC came along.

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I recently did the upgrade from 152xs to 282. I think it sounds very good connected to a 155, so should sound amazing with a 200DR :slight_smile:


I got the 200DR brand new a few weeks ago and simply followed what has been recommended the most on this forum, which to benefit from the DR technology by powering the 152XS via the Standard SNAIC4. But since you got me thinking I have been going back and forth for the past few days from powering from the 200DR to powering with both outputs from the FC2x, and what I have found out so far is quite interesting:

  • With the FC2x I’m getting a wider, albeit more diffuse soundstage, and kind of a quicker and more lively presentation.

  • With the 200DR as power source I get a heftier low end and a narrower but more precise soundstage, with a rather more forward presence.

Now these differences are very subtle, far from “night and day”, and not necessarily better or worst in my view, I would say more of a matter of preference. So far I’m liking better the 200DR as the power source.


That makes sense to me since this is your only configuration that get the much vaunted DR tech into your preamp. And the preamp is (nearly) all in NaimWorld.


In my system it is very close, the dual 24V rails with separate secondary windings and dedicated transformer of the FlatCap can put up a fight to the DR technology. The sound is very natural and engaging either way, hard to find fault. The more I listen the less inclined to spend a quad fold in a 282, I would really need to run into a massive deal to go that way.

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My view is that your FC2X is for what used to be known as the 5 series stuff. Once you are playing with ‘the big boys’, ditch it.

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I hear you, right now it’s just powering the digital controls.

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