282/250DR update

Does anyone have any views on when a update would due for 282/252 or the 250/300?

I’m considering upgrading from SN2 to 282/250DR/HCDR. However I’ve heard and enjoyed the SN3. I felt it a significant upgrade in the sense that the music felt more tangiable by a good margin, the mid/bass drivers seems more filled and controlled and it all felt more like music. Exciting listen. I see now what I’ve missed in the SN2 for a while. I think the SN3 would keep me happy for a good while. Until I hear that 282 pre of course.

I expect a 282/250DR to be significantly better but I do wonder whether there is new tech in the SN3 being a newer product. And I felt the sound different in some way to other Naim stuff. Clearly a 282 preamp is going to be superior. And the 250DR is surely good with control. But don’t want to dive in and then it get updated.

Innuos Zenith MKII / Hugo 2 / SN2 / SM100s.



Much has been speculated about possible updates to the pre-amp range but so far not happened. Naim themselves are tight lipped about any possible changes which doesn’t help I appreciate. All I would say is that I doubt a 282/250 would disappoint updated or not.



Thanks, Lindsay.
I’m hearing the 282/250DR this weekend. No going back. Perhaps!

I have just upgraded from a Supernait2 and I have to say you can’t compare the 282/250DR with it. It would be unfair to as it is vastly superior and so it should be, it is a dedicated pre and power amplifier.

I wouldn’t be concerned about updates. No one knows and even if they did, it would still render the 282/250 in a different league to the Supernait2/3.



the 282 was an update of the 82 and has the ability to be powered by a Nap 200 (and some other NAP’s below the 200) - and can be powered by a Hicap- 2 Hicaps and a Supercap

the upgrade of a 282 is a 252 or a 552… I doubt there will be an updated 282.

you could say the Pre amps were all upgraded when the DR on PSU

loved by 282 lovely with HCDR, even more with SC

282/HCDR/250DR will offer plenty of musical engaugement from your system

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How’s the 282/250 settling in @popeye?

Still up and down, but in all honesty I haven’t put much music through it yet or consistently.
I left it playing low volume overnight so will have a listen later.
One minute it sounds superb then it goes all closed in, dull sounding and crazy bass. :+1:t2:

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You’ll be grinning like a Cheshire Cat in no time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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