282 aging problems

All of a sudden my system rigth channel is getting muddy in the medium frequencys, like listening FM in the car in a bad location.
Switching the loudspeaker cables the problem goes to the left channel.
Switching the CD for a FM Pioneer Radio, no sound at all.
With a Qute2 as a source, same problem as with the CDX2.
My 282 is a 315xxx serial number, brougth 2-hand. HiCapDR and NAP300DR recent models.
My question is : What are the most commons problems with aging NAIM pre-amps ?
Thks in advance.

Can you clarify? You say if you switch from CD to FM tuner, you get no sound? How are you connecting each unit? Are the inputs for each enabled?

No sound in that rigth channel, only in left.
From CDX2 to 282 I use a standard DIN Naim cable.
From Pioneer to 282 a RCA / DIN
From Qute2 to 282 a RCA / RCA in AUX2
The problem was first noticed in the Qute2 - 282 - 300DR configuration.
Qute2 returned where it belongs, as a standalone integrated and everything ok.

I just found that the cable RCA/DIN has a faulty RCA terminal. So Pioneer to 282 problem has nothing to do with CDX2 to 282 problem.

So far you’ve narrowed it down to between any pre input and speaker terminals. The 282 is only in the frame because of its age, and you could well be right but if you have anything to swap in to test the various boxes and cables. Can the qute2 feed a power amp or receive an input from a pre and ps? I’m not familiar with the sll in ones but maybe it could be useful diagnostically beyond its use as source.

Well, I had:

Qute 2 - 282 - HicapDR - NAP300DR

Doing Qute2 - NAP300DR, bypassing 282 and HICAPDR would mean 2 cables RCA - XLR .
I don´t have this type of cables.

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