282 and stageline power supply

Hi, just a quick question.
If I had a 282 that was powered by 2x hicaps. Would there be any benefits getting another hicap to run the stageline separately or will the 2x hicaps power supply from the 282 be just as good? Or have I got it all wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Get a SuperCap for the 282, use a HCDR for the Stageline. Boom! :wink:

Better yet, get rid of both HCDR, get two SCDR. One for 282, one for Stageline. Big Boom! :wink: :wink:

Thanks, I’m aware of the supercap bnefits. In saying that would the separate hicap running the stageline be better than SC supply powering 282??
See very much a similar question. I hope you can see what I’m saying now. Btw it’s all DR gear.

Between a 282 /SCDR + SL/HCDR vs 282/HCDR + SL/SCDR that would be a very interesting shootout.

With that said I have 282/SCDR but my phonostage is a Herron Audio VTPH-2a [i.e. tube] phonostage and I love that.

I think you need to trade a HCDR for a SCDR and try the two combinations.

@anon32455950 I went from 282/single HCDR to 282/SC the uplift on the 282 was superb and well worth the investment

What I did then with my HCDR is it now powers a Pre in my LP12, I then sold the Stageline to help fund the up grades

Thanks Antz, guess I should of said this is not my system it’s a good friends, I have a SC hanging out of a 52 into the standard 135’s and off to Sl2 speakers. My buddy likes the 2xhicap dr for the moment. What happened, we were having a chat about the different combinations and the future for his system upgrades.
So Back to question…

If you are considering putting a SuperCap DR on a StageLine you would most likely get better results using a SuperLine/HiCap DR which would work out cheaper! £4700 power supply on a £300 phono stage is a bit on the heavy side!!

Put a SuperCap on the 282 and keep one of your HiCaps to power the StageLine. Then upgrade the StageLine to a SuperLine and only then put a SuperCap on the SuperLine!

Ta, ok so to the question. Thanks
Let’s just forget about SC for the moment.

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I still used my HCDR on my stageline when up graded to SC, before I move to Pre/HCDR

my dealer suggested powering that way, some members prefer power from Pre and others seperate, so test if possible which one gives the most up lift - for me better with Stageline from seperate HCDR

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Awesome antz thanks. That’s what I was thinking. Would love to hear other opinions pls.

Anybody else that has actually experimented with this before ?

Not sure it helps but I used to power a Stageline from my 282 powered by a single HC.
At the time I also had a CD5 powered by a Flatcap2. The Flatcap2 was able to power two devices so I swapped the Stageline to that and much preferred it.
Never had a second HC on the 282 so cant really comment on that.

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