282 and supercap2 into lower range olive power amps

Hi all, another odd question regarding the classic and olive series !

I am wondering if it is ok to connect a 282/Supercap2 into an old olive NAP180?

The reason I question this is because the 282/Supercap2 would naturally partner with a 250-2, 300, etc.
These modern power amps do not have the power output running back to (potentially) power the pre amp, as far as I know?

The older olive 180 does have the power output, to enable powering a preamp.
I have always run a Hicap between my 180 and 102 pre amp, you see.
So, of course, having a powered output on the 180 connected to the Hicap is fine.

However, I am currently in the process of “upgrading” to classic series components and would like to temporarily use the 180, as unfortunate as that may be, whilst awaiting the new power amp.
But before connecting the 180 to my shiny Supercap2, I became anxious as to whether or not I may be about to release the magic smoke!?

I realise that the 282 has a “Standard” socket for connecting directly to the power amp.
But I wish to first connect the 282 to the Supercap2.
I’m unclear about connecting the Supercap2 directly to the 180. Being something of an odd combination, I’ve not been able to find any information regarding this.

Thanks for any advice!

Yup, no problem here. Just connect the NAP180 to the Supercap (which provides the pre-out signal) via SNAIC 4.

Thank you Richard.
Always such a fast and concise response!
Very much appreciated!

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