282 Channel Hiss

This evening, during a quiet piece of music, I became aware of hiss through the left channel. I stopped the music, the hiss was quite obvious, and set around tracing it. Having isolated it to the 282 or higher up the chain, as it muted with the 282 mute button, I powered down and unplugged everything in case it was oxidisation on the connectors. Powered up and still there. As a last resort I played with the volume knob, no effect, but the balance knob gave a significant crackle before the hiss went. I never use the balance control normally; is this just track oxidisation in the balance pot, which has now gone, or could it be more sinister? The 282 is quite old, 15 years.

Sounds like exactly as you suspect… oxidation
Should be ok now for a while…turn it now and then to keep it clear

Sounds to me like it’s due for service. The age and symptoms described suggest it.

I had my ca. 2008 282 serviced last year.


If you don’t mind me asking, did you experience any similar issues with your 282 before it went for service? Mine is a 2006, but its volume and balance controls are still beautifully smooth and silent in operation and there are no tell tale clicks when changing inputs. It still sounds amazing so I’m wondering if it actually needs a service yet!

Also, I need to find out whether there’s any difference in the service work done by an authorised service centre and the factory.

But NJb, it does sound like yours may be ready for a freshen up. Those are the sort of symptoms I’ve been waiting for before I sent mine for service. I may just send mine soon anyway; due to its age it may have gradually lost some of its performance and I just haven’t noticed. Won’t know until I get it done I guess🤔

Thanks for the feedback. I live overseas and a previous enquiry with a dealer here gave the response that only PSUs and Power Amplifiers needed service. I will not send it in for the obvious reason that I have no idea what they would do as a service package of work. Other than charge a small fortune, clearly. I might hold out. Hopefully, it will now be ok for a while.

The only thing I have had serviced so far is my 252. A service does make a difference and a preamp service will improve all of your sources. It is worth it.


Mine did not exhibit any issues. I wanted to get my ca. 2005 250-2 and HiCap 2 both serviced and DR’d, so I sent my 282/NapSC in for service at the same time. I had the whole thing all done at once. It all came back transformed.

Ok, I see; yes I should think that was a rather noticeable transformation, having it all done at the same time. Thanks.

If yours is 13 years old now, it’s a pretty good bet that service is worthwhile now or in the next couple years. It’s not that costly for a 282, at least not compared to the amps and PSUs.

That’s what I’m starting to think. I will look into it and probably look to get it done early next year. Whilst it still sounds great, I’m sure that it would benefit from a service now. Thanks again.

I had mine done in the summer while I’m busy outside cycling, so I wouldn’t miss it as much, and have it back and broken in for the winter months. :slight_smile:

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