282 - din cable

Quick question on 282,

does it come with any DIN cable originally ?


No. It just comes with a remote, NAPSC and a link plug.

Source components come with a DIN interconnect.

With NAPSC, can 282/250.2 operate without HICAP or SC ?

Nope. You’ll need a Hicap or Supercap as the 250 has no ability to power a pre-amp.

In fact, two link plugs!!

Ah yes - I forgot about the cap link plug that fits in upgrade 1.

Thanks everyone.

With NAPSC, can 282/200 operate without HICAP or SC ?

Yes. The 200 can power the 282. The 282 comes with a NAPSC as standard unlike the 202 where it’s an option. The manual here explains all the options. Just remember that only the 200 in the present range has a pre-amp supply built in.

Thanks james

I thought you’d found a 250 and were looking at a 552. Still deciding the approach ?

Yes, still searching for a used 552, not easy.

I have connected 202/250.2/HC. A lot of low frequency is gone for some unknown reason. Now a reasonably priced 282 emerges, I am thinking 282/200. The HC is old. Not sure if that’s the problem.

It could be the Hicap. Let the new setup settle for a few weeks and see what you think. If the Hicap has not had a service for 10 years then it’ll probably need some attention. A 282 is a great pre-amp if you can find one but a Hicap not performing at its best will not be ideal.

I ran a 282 off the power supply in a 200DR for a while, and it was a great relatively simple setup. Not as good as running the 282 with a Hicap, but still worth considering if you have an old Hicap that needs attention, especially if this is just to keep you going until you can find a 552.
When buying a 282, you should always check that the seller is including the NAPSC. If they had purchased the NAPSC separately they may not realise that you are expecting it to be included.

200’s ability to power the PRE is a big plus. The simplicity and less black boxes factor is very important to those who live in small apartment.

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Yes, although there’s no getting away from the fact that a Hicap is a better preamp power supply, and the 250 is a better power amp, a 200 still has a place in a quality system as long as the speakers are not too demanding. That approach also frees up funds for a top quality source, which should be a priority if your ultimate goal of a 500 series amp.

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